Advanced Study Program

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Division / Section Staff Directory (59)
Holzhauer, Vicki ASPCasual - Admin/Cler III
Fisher, Paula ASPAdministrator III
Davis, Chris ASPInterim NCAR Associate Director & Director of Education and Outreach
Briggs, Scott ASPAdministrator I
Haacker, Rebecca ASPNCAR Associate Director & Director of Education and Outreach
Zhang, Jun ASPPostdoc Fellow I
Stringham, Michelle ASPAdmin Assistant III
Foster, Teresa ASPCasual - Admin/Cler III
Martinez, Jonathan ASPPostdoc Fellow II
Sloan, Valerie ASPScience Educ Spec
Riedel, Christopher ASPPostdoc Fellow II
Dougherty, Erin ASPPostdoc Fellow II
Martinez, Carlos ASPPostdoc Fellow I
Jo, Duseong ASPPostdoc Fellow II
Touma, Danielle ASPPostdoc Fellow I
Corchado Albelo, Marcel ASPStudent Visitor
Cha, Ting-Yu ASPASP Postdoctoral Fellow
Cyccone, Jerry ASPStudent Program Coordinator
Lacatus, Daniela ASPPostdoc Fellow II
Zhang, Zhe ASPASP Postdoctoral Fellow
Zhu, Qingyu ASPPostdoc Fellow II
Wu, Xian ASPPostdoc Fellow II
Wang, Xinyue ASPPostdoc Fellow II
Chipilski, Hristo ASPPostdoc Fellow I
Kamali, Soudeh ASPPostdoc Fellow I
O. Verschoor, Diana ASPAdmin Assistant III
Morrison, Monica ASPPostdoc Fellow II
Medina Luna, Lorena ASPEducational Designer II
DeRepentigny, Patricia ASPPostdoc Fellow I
McCauley-Hartner, Auliya ASPAdmin Assistant III
Eghdami, Masih ASPPostdoc Fellow II
Jeong, Daun ASPASP Postdoctoral Fellow
Zietlow, Daniel ASPEducational Designer II
Cardoso Laurindo, Lucas ASPPostdoc Fellow II-5
Zheng, Zhonghua ASPPostdoc Fellow I
del Moral Mendez, Anna ASPPostdoc Fellow I
Chapman, Will ASPPostdoc Fellow I
Nystrom, Robert ASPPostdoc Fellow II
Mahakian, Cassie ASPIntern
Chan, Joseph ASPASP Postdoctoral Fellow
Chandrakar, Kamal Kant ASPPostdoc Fellow II
Tachera, Diamond ASPASP Postdoctoral Fellow
Nunez Ocasio, Kelly ASPPostdoc Fellow I
Sarkar, Mampi ASPPostdoc Fellow II
Miyawaki, Osamu ASPASP Postdoctoral Fellow
Stoner-Osborne, Blake ASPStudent Visitor
Sun, Chijun ASPPostdoc Fellow I
Raghuraman, Shiv Priyam ASPPostdoc Fellow I
Cacapit, Ahmi ASPStudent Visitor
Emme, Erin ASPIntern
Fellman, Benjamin ASPIntern
Nicewonger, William ASPIntern
Zhou, Mengyang ASPIntern
Montano, Patty ASPProg Spec III
Luera, Meya ASPIntern
Newheart, Anastasia ASPASP Postdoctoral Fellow
Klisz, Kenzie ASPIntern
Wilson, Maurice ASPASP Postdoctoral Fellow
Molnar, Momchil ASPASP Postdoctoral Fellow

Quick Facts

NCAR is managed by the nonprofit University Corporation for Atmospheric Research on behalf of NSF and the UCAR university community.

  • NCAR is not a federal agency and its employees are not part of the federal personnel system.
  • Our activities complement those of the federal agencies and we work closely with them.

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