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Division / Section Staff Directory (19)
Nychka, Doug nychka@ucar.edu303-497-1711
Loft, Richard loft@ucar.edu303-497-1262
Pronk, Mary pronk@ucar.edu303-497-1317
Banner, Cecilia banner@ucar.edu303-497-1231
Pouquet, Annick pouquet@ucar.edu303-497-1860
Rutledge, Gail gailr@ucar.edu303-497-1267
Katz, Rick rwk@ucar.edu303-497-8114
Fisher, Joan jfish@ucar.edu303-497-1207
Andersen, Aaron aaron@ucar.edu303-497-1837
Moore, Amy abauer@ucar.edu303-497-1258
Chapin, Elizabeth echapin@ucar.edu303-497-1228
Kamrath, Anke anke@ucar.edu303-497-1209
Kailyn, Lily
Hartsock, Kristi hartsock@ucar.edu303-497-1272
de La Beaujardiere, Jeff jeffdlb@ucar.edu303-497-1204
Overby, Matt overby@ucar.edu303-497-2449
Lauer, AJ ajlauer@ucar.edu303-497-1288
Foust, Eliott wefoust@ucar.edu303-497-2458
Do, Virginia vdo@ucar.edu303-497-1249

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NCAR is managed by the nonprofit University Corporation for Atmospheric Research on behalf of NSF and the UCAR university community.

  • NCAR is not a federal agency and its employees are not part of the federal personnel system.
  • Our activities complement those of the federal agencies and we work closely with them.

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