Education, Engagement & Early Career Development

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Lab / Program Staff Directory (53)
Fisher, Paula EdECAdministrator III
Briggs, Scott EdECProg Spec II
Haacker, Rebecca EdECNCAR Associate Director & Director of Education and Outreach
Sloan, Valerie EdECLead for Early-Career Professional Development
Corchado Albelo, Marcel EdECStudent Visitor
Cyccone, Jerry EdECHigher Educ Spec II
Zhang, Zhe EdECPostdoc Fellow II
Hell, Momme Claus EdECPostdoc Fellow I
Welch, Brittany EdECASP Postdoctoral Fellow
McCauley-Hartner, Auliya EdECProg Spec II
Wu, Haonan EdECPostdoc Fellow I
Yang, Zihao EdECASP Postdoctoral Fellow
Jeong, Daun EdECPostdoc Fellow II
Minallah, Samar EdECPostdoc Fellow II
Leung, Danny EdECPostdoc Fellow I
Zietlow, Daniel EdECEducational Designer II
Amodeo, Todd EdECAdministrator I
Wieringa, Molly EdECASP Postdoctoral Fellow
Nardi, Kyle EdECASP Postdoctoral Fellow
Nunez Ocasio, Kelly EdECPostdoc Fellow II
Harris, Austin EdECPostdoc Fellow I
Huang, Kai EdECPostdoc Fellow I
Jin, Yuming EdECPostdoc Fellow I
Miyawaki, Osamu EdECPostdoc Fellow II
ZHANG, YINGXIAO EdECASP Postdoctoral Fellow
Stoner-Osborne, Blake EdECStudent Visitor
Kukulies, Julia EdECPostdoc Fellow I
Lawton, Quinton EdECASP Postdoctoral Fellow
Cacapit, Ahmi EdECStudent Visitor
Fellman, Benjamin EdECIntern
Montano, Patty EdECProg Spec III
Wilson, Maurice EdECPostdoc Fellow II
Molnar, Momchil EdECPostdoc Fellow II
Santana, Rose EdECStudent Visitor
Ferrell, John EdECAdmin Assistant III
McUmber, Evy EdECEducational Designer I
Rosky, Elise EdECASP Postdoctoral Fellow
Quagraine, Kwesi Akumenyi EdECPostdoc Fellow I
Castro, Cyndi EdECPostdoc Fellow I
Kumari, Komal EdECPostdoc Fellow I
Afonso, David EdECPostdoc Fellow I
Roy, Puja EdECPostdoc Fellow I
Black, Kristina EdECASP Rising Voices, Changing Coasts Postdoctoral Fellow
Leung, Meredith EdECASP Rising Voices, Changing Coasts Postdoctoral Fellow
Valdez, Hugo EdECProg Spec I
Harrington, Ryan EdECNCAR Earth System Science Internship (NESSI)
Bross, Judith EdECNCAR Earth System Science Internship (NESSI)
Winfield, Madison EdECNCAR Earth System Science Internship (NESSI)
Daley, Caitlan EdECNCAR Earth System Science Internship (NESSI)
Gines, Arianna EdECNCAR Earth System Science Internship (NESSI)
Jones, Iona EdECNCAR Earth System Science Internship (NESSI)
Villaverde, Giancarlo EdECNCAR Earth System Science Internship (NESSI)
LAPPEN, DANA EdECAdmin Assistant II

Quick Facts

NCAR is managed by the nonprofit University Corporation for Atmospheric Research on behalf of NSF and the UCAR university community.

  • NCAR is not a federal agency and its employees are not part of the federal personnel system.
  • Our activities complement those of the federal agencies and we work closely with them.

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