The role in verification in R2O testing and evaluation [presentation]

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Jensen, T., and Coauthors, 2015: The role in verification in R2O testing and evaluation [presentation]. 5th Conference on Research to Operations Transition, American Meteorological Society, Phoenix, AZ, US.
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Title:The role in verification in R2O testing and evaluation [presentation]
Abstract: Robust testing and evaluation of research innovations is a critical component of the Research-to-Operations (R2O) process. The Developmental Testbed Center (DTC) and The Met Office have both used components of the Model Evaluations Tools (MET) for their R2O evaluation efforts for operational systems in the U.S. and U.K. respectively. This presentation will demonstrate successful applications of MET from both institutions with an emphasis on interpretation of traditional and object-based output. It will elucidate methods for conveying actionable information from MET's Grid-Stat, Point-Stat and Series Analysis tools through the use of confidence intervals, box-plots, pairwise differences and summary tables. New approaches to using the Method for Object-based Diagnostic Evaluation (MODE) attributes for decision-making will also be demonstrated. Finally, this presentation will touch on new features introduced in the latest release of MET.
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Copyright Information:Copyright Author(s). This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.
OpenSky citable URL: ark:/85065/d7s75hrn
  • Tara Jensen - NCAR/UCAR
  • Marion Mittermaier
  • Tressa Fowler - NCAR/UCAR
  • Barbara Brown - NCAR/UCAR
  • John Halley Gotway - NCAR/UCAR
  • Randy Bullock - NCAR/UCAR
  • Jamie Wolff - NCAR/UCAR
  • Michelle Harrold - NCAR/UCAR
  • Edward Tollerud - NCAR/UCAR
  • Louisa Nance - NCAR/UCAR
  • William Kuo - NCAR/UCAR
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