Flows and plasma properties in quiescent cavities [poster]

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Schmit, D., S. E. Gibson, K. K. Reeves, A. Sterling, and S. Tomczyk, 2009: Flows and plasma properties in quiescent cavities [poster]. 40th American Astronomical Society Solar Physics Division Meeting, American Astronomical Society, Boulder, CO, US.
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Title:Flows and plasma properties in quiescent cavities [poster]
Abstract: Regions of rarefied density often form cavities above quiescent prominences. In an attempt to constrain the plasma properties of "equilibrium" cavities we conduct several diagnostics using Hinode/EIS, STEREO/EUVI, and CoMP. One novel observation is of large scale flows in cavities. Using different instruments to observe two distinct cavities off the solar limb in coronal emission lines, we find that spectral doppler shifts imply LOS velocities within cavities on the order of 1-10 km/s. These flows occur over length scales of several hundred Mm and persist for hours.
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OpenSky citable URL: ark:/85065/d79s1q2t
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