Whole heliosphere interval: Early science results [presentation]

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Gibson, S. E., D. Webb, and B. Thompson, 2008: Whole heliosphere interval: Early science results [presentation]. International Council for Science, Montreal, QC, CA.
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Title:Whole heliosphere interval: Early science results [presentation]
Abstract: he Whole Heliosphere Interval (WHI) is an international coordinated observing and modeling effort to characterize the three-dimensional interconnected solar-heliospheric-planetary system at solar minimum, using observations originating at the Sun during Carrington Rotation 2067: March 20 - April 16, 2008. WHI's science begins with the solar interior and extends through the heliosphere and interplanetary space out to the heliopause. WHI is a special campaign period of the International Heliophysical Year, and involves the participation of many observatories and researchers around the world. A "synoptic" set of observations provides baseline measurements of the heliophysical system, while "targeted" observing campaigns during the WHI interval focuses on particular sub-regions of the coupled heliospheric system and address specific scientific questions via day-to-day coordinated observations. This talk will showcase early results of the WHI campaign, and thus provide a broad description of the heliosphere at solar minimum.
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