Causes of solar activity

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Giampapa, M. S., S. E. Gibson, J. W. Harvey, F. Hill, A. A. Norton, and A. Pevtsov, 2009: Causes of solar activity. 8 pp,.
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Title:Causes of solar activity
Abstract: Our nearest star, the Sun, exhibits several processes that are common to other stars: magnetic cycles, flares, prominences, and stellar winds. Recent studies suggest that many of these processes are governed by universal laws applicable to both the Sun and other stars. This solar-stellar connection can be used to extend our understanding of stellar phenomena via the study of solar processes. Thus, for example, studies of the solar dynamo will yield a better understanding of stellar dynamos: for example, what are the necessary conditions for dynamo action and how are magnetic cycles maintained? The study of the magnetic topology of solar flares and prominences will contribute significantly to the understanding of the nature of stellar flares, prominences, and winds. Herein we argue that a sustained program of long-term, high-continuity observations of the solar magnetic field is required to reach a better level of understanding of the universal processes taking place throughout the Universe.
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  • Mark Giampapa
  • Sarah Gibson - NCAR/UCAR
  • J. Harvey
  • Frank Hill
  • Aimee Norton
  • A. Pevtsov
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