Event Services, What's Cooking?! Grilled Turkey Tenderloin & Pizza on the Grill

Grilled Turkey Tenderloin

Turkey Tenderloin is AWESOME on the grill!  The cut comes from underside of the turkey breast and because it’s not over-used, it’s VERY tender and a nice change or alternative to a beef steak.  It takes a little longer to cook than a medium rare strip steak, but you won’t be disappointed in the outcome!  I’ve gotten A LOT of my friends hooked on grilled Turkey Tenderloin!

Pizza on the Grill

This is a St. Louis-style pizza crust. It's nearly cracker thin, and super crunchy!  And yes, although I grew up outside of Chicago IL, where pizza is thick and stuffed and delicious, I LOVE St. Louis style thin pizza. For me it’s a happy family memory of a tavern in Peoria, IL where my entire family would go for pizza and beer. My Grandpa Erbe knew the owner very well and his family took good care of my family long after many of my elders passed. After moving to Colorado, I made it a mission to learn to make this type of pizza -- and I love it on my grill. It’s super easy to make, and holds lots of toppings regardless of its thinness. We cut in half once, then turn and cut into strips! Hope you enjoy -- with an ice cold beer -- Cheers!

Chef Nancy Bottlemy, Mesa Lab



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Grilled Turkey Tenderloin

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