Event Services, What's Cooking?! Hobo Dinner Hamburgers & Popcorn Balls

Hobo Dinner Hamburger Foil Packets

This is one of my favorite recipes for camping or with any group of people for an outing - I have made this recipe for 2 to 60 people. It doesn’t require any plates or anything extra when serving. I originally learned of this recipe when my son was in Boy Scouts and they were out on outings. With Labor Day coming up this is a fun recipe to do. Just share with your neighbors and friends while still doing social distancing.  :)

Cathy Ryan, Event Services Coordinator



Popcorn Balls

My Mom used to make popcorn balls with us every summer -- late summer, when it was hot out and we were starting to get bored.  We learned to work with extreme heat in the kitchen even though we let out a lot of “ow” “hot” “yeouch” … Mom supervised, we kept going, had fun, and it’s a great memory I have of my brother, cousins and myself working in the kitchen with my Mom.

Chef Nancy Bottlemy, Mesa Lab



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Hobo Dinner Hamburger Foil Packets

Popcorn Balls

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Event Services, What’s Cooking?!

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