Event Services, What's Cooking?! Pear Cheese Melt

Pear Cheese Melt

Okay HERE is one of those recipes that is going to be the new, yummy treat that you add to your holiday repertoire! And, might I just say -- especially good to add THIS year if there’s going to be fewer than normal people at your get-together. Because, of course, that just means you’ll have this one available to bring for a few years yet to come! 

By the way:  I highly recommend that you make this little beauty for yourself, no holiday necessary, except maybe to celebrate “MeDay” with an awesome wine. So I asked Dr. Busalacchi to pair a wine for us. He graciously offered this:

“I would recommend a late harvest off-dry to sweet wine like a Riesling from Germany or Sauterne from France.”

….off to get a bottle of wine…. Enjoy!!

Chef Nancy Bottlemy, Mesa Lab



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Pear Cheese Melt

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Event Services, What’s Cooking?!

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