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Quick Peanut Salmon Bowl

“There are nights where I just fail at dinner.

I get stressed. I get busy. I forget to thaw the pork loin. You name it, I’ve probably done it.

So I keep canned goods on hand. When I’ve got the time to can my own, I will (I swear), but for now I use store bought. And thank goodness I always have rice on hand, with a rice cooker to save my forgetful butt.

When I’ve had a day that makes dinner rough, I pick a protein (I mostly keep canned fish on hand and rotate tuna and salmon frequently) and roast it. It gets nice color and texture, and my kids just honestly fight me less when something comes out of an oven instead of a can when they see it.

Sometimes I roast the vegetables and sometimes I have to quick cook in the microwave but they’re a lot better in the oven.

But what makes it is the sauce.

Anything sweet and salty is going to be devoured in my house. Anything. Teriyaki, fruit gastrique, and especially peanut sauce. The tangy soy, and sweetness in the coconut and sugar help to cover any residual “can” flavor that the items may have picked up along the way and even my picky kid will eat a green that’s covered in sauce.

If you’re hurting for time, canned proteins and vegetables are absolutely your friend. They heat up quickly, making life just a little bit easier when you’ve forgotten to plan for dinner, gotten home late, or just don’t want to make anything fancy."

Samantha Fuller, Mesa Lab Assistant Chef



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Quick Peanut Salmon Bowl

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