Love Your Data (LYD) Week - Day 2 of 5: DASH and Open Data - Consulting Service

There are many ways that researchers are being encouraged to make their data open. Notably, more funders are establishing data management requirements,  publishers are enforcing data sharing policies, and many community initiatives are coordinating best practices and recommendations.

Figuring out what mandates to meet and which guidelines to follow to ensure open data can be time consuming, if not downright daunting and overwhelming. This is why the Digital Asset Services Hub (DASH) is helping by providing the DASH Consulting service. The service offers document-based self help resources, such as the DMP Preparation Guidance and Template Document and DMP Checklist for Awarded Proposals. The Data Curation & Stewardship Coordinator can also provide one-on-one consultation for data management questions or issues. If you are interested in learning more about the DASH Consulting service, please contact us at datahelp AT ucar DOT edu.

Stay tuned for Day 3’s post on the DASH Metadata service!

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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Posted by Sophie Hou at ext. 1832,

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