NCAR & UCAR in the News: Jan 10-16

This week summary: ~400 appearances in the news media with ~$400,000 in equivalent advertising value

Notable news stories

An EPIC way to improve weather forecasts (UCAR, Antonio Busalacchi)

Boston Globe


Australia's Wildfires Are Releasing Vast Amounts Of Carbon (ACOM, Rebecca Buchholtz)


*This story was republished in dozens of radio outlets.


2019 Was a Record Year for Ocean Temperatures, Data Show (CGD, Kevin Trenberth)

New York Times

*Multiple outlets have also published articles about this study, including The Guardian and CNN.


Firenadoes, ember attacks and megafires: Australia is seeing sci-fi weather (MMM, Janice Coen)

Washington Post


Colorado has seen the largest increase in natural disasters, study says (RAL, Jason Knievel)

Loveland Reporter-Herald


What Is Ozone, and Why Are Colorado’s Levels So Bad? (ACOM, Gabi Pfister and Frank Flocke)

5280 Magazine


House panel approves space weather bill (UCAR, Antonio Busalacchi)

Space News


Social media highlight

Social media posts from the AMS meeting in Boston, including tweets that highlight booth talks and swag, have been viewed by more than 12,000 users.

Announcement Timing: 
Tuesday, January 21, 2020 to Tuesday, January 28, 2020

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