NCAR & UCAR in the News: June 6-18

Two-week summary: ~100 appearances in the news media and ~$90,000 in ad value.

Notable news stories

How COVID-19 Is Affecting Undergraduate Research Experiences (E&O, Valerie Sloan and Rebecca Haacker)

Eos Magazine


What type of person resists evacuation orders? (MMM, Rebecca Morss)

9News Denver


The Black Climate Scientists and Scholars Changing the World (CGD, Warren Washington)

Green Matters


Air quality improved slightly during the stay-at-home order. But Colorado still has a serious pollution problem. (ACOM, Frank Flocke)

Colorado Sun


Teaching Machines to Detect Climate Extremes (CGD, Christine Shields)

Eos Magazine


Saharan dust: It’s headed our way. Why that’s not a bad thing for storms (MMM, Chris Davis)

Palm Beach Post


There's an extremely warm blotch on Earth right now (CGD, Flavio Lehner)



New “Sun Clock” Quantifies Cycle of Extreme Space Weather With Astonishing Precision (NCAR, Scott Mcintosh)



Black Lives Matter—In Science and Everywhere Else (SOARS)

Weather Underground


Ice Melt Linked to Accelerated Regional Freshwater Depletion (NCAR)



CU Boulder announces $2.5 million endowed chair in optics and photonics (NCAR)

CU Boulder Today


Climate change could shorten snow season (NCAR)



Social media highlight

Research which created a new ‘Sun clock,’ co-authored by Scott Mcintosh, received 1,200 views on Facebook and nearly 4,000 on Twitter.

Announcement Timing: 
Tuesday, June 30, 2020 to Tuesday, July 7, 2020

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