Telework Tip - Take a break to plant spring veggies

Today’s suggestion for staying physically active comes from a colleague who describes herself as a “seasoned Colorado farm gal”:

Planting spring veggies is a great way to take a break in the fresh air. You can plant any of these cool-weather seeds directly in the ground: radishes, lettuces and greens, carrots, potatoes and root vegetables, onions, asparagus, peas. Plant 2-3 inches apart. Coffee grounds and dried crushed egg shells can be used to add fertilizer and calcium and improve the soil.

Radishes and lettuce will be ready in 3-5 weeks. Planting every two weeks will keep a fresh supply coming (neither do well in hot weather).

Most other veggies can be planted outside in one month, covering if the weather gets cold. Tomatoes and peppers should be planted indoors now and planted outside in mid-May.  I am using up all my recycling for containers. Twice cycled....... 

It's all about trial and error, so experiment and have fun!

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