Telework Tip: Ways to keep moving (YouTube videos & more)

Yesterday’s Boulder County “Stay at home” order lists getting outdoors as an essential activity, but only, of course, “if strict social distancing is observed.” If you’re wondering about ways to keep moving indoors, too, today’s tip from a colleague suggests a handy source of inspiration:

“I've done several YouTube workouts this week (there's SO MANY available online that you can do a new one every day!). It's really helped clear my head when I'm feeling coop'd up working in the house all day, every day.”

If you don’t have a fitness app on your watch to remind you to get up and take the recommended 2 minutes per hour (the time it takes to walk 250 steps), consider adding periodic gentle nudges to keep your energy moving:

Add a few reminders or events in your Calendar. (mark your event availability as “free” to stay open to virtual meeting invites during that time). Set a timer on your smartphone or old-school kitchen timer to ring at 50-minute Use each interruption by a pet or household member as a reminder to walk around for 2 minutes.

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