U-Engage Pole To Pole Update - Exploring Karukinka Natural Park, Chile

We are on our last bit of land before hopping into a boat for the last bit of our virtual trek from pole to pole, organized by U-ENGAGE! In just 6 weeks our total miles traveled is 10,537.

After many mountain stops, it was a nice change to spend some time in the city of Santiago, Argentina, yet still able to access nature with Copo National Park, a forested area home to jaguars and giant armadillos close by. Santiago is the twelfth largest city with 252,192 inhabitants.

On the places to visit list: the Santo Domingo Convent - a beautiful Cathedral, Provincial Archeology Museum, Tecnopolis Federal - a science museum, and Museo de Arte Sacro - the art museum. The city gets quite hot in the summer, 93°F to 104°F, so spending time inside is not a bad thing! Santiago's musical heritage is one of the most important cultural aspects of the city so chacarera musicians can be found playing around the city.

After virtually trekking 1,269.5 miles this past week, we are exploring Karukinka Natural Park in Chile, and have 1,903 more miles to go to reach the South Pole.

As a reminder, the Pole-to-Pole initiative tracks the distances that you walk, run, bike - any activity that gets you moving during mandatory telework. If you have a disability then assistive device miles definitely count! You can submit those distances daily or weekly using the Pole-to-Pole tracking form.

Thank you for your continued participation and enjoy the final stretch!

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Friday, May 22, 2020

Posted by KelleeAnne De Simone at ext. 1108, kelleeanne@ucar.edu

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