U-Engage Pole To Pole Update - We're on a Boat!

We are on a boat for the last bit of our virtual trek from pole to pole, organized by U-ENGAGE! In just 7 weeks our total miles traveled is 11,562.5.

I hope everyone enjoyed the wild and majestic adventure in Karukinka Natural Park, Chile. At the most southerly tip of South America, this is the most ecologically diverse land. Mountains, wetlands, sub-antarctic old-growth forests, alpine meadows, peat bogs and rivers are home to over 100 native species including the elegant Chilean Flamingo, the Andean Condor and the endangered Culpeo Fox.

The hike took us through King Penguin park, home to the second largest penguin species, and led us past stunning views of the most important watercourse, the Río Grande. Roughly the size of Rhode Island, Karukinka is an important part of the world's biodiversity and is protected by a public-private partnership between Goldman Sachs and the Wildlife Conservation Society.

After virtually trekking 1,025.5 miles this past week, we are sailing the Southern sea, and have 877.5 more miles to go to reach the South Pole.

As a reminder, the Pole-to-Pole initiative tracks the distances that you walk, run, bike - any activity that gets you moving during mandatory telework. If you have a disability then assistive device miles definitely count! You can submit those distances daily or weekly using the Pole-to-Pole tracking form.

Thank you for your continued participation and keep up the great work!

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Friday, May 29, 2020

Posted by KelleeAnne De Simone at ext. 1108, kelleeanne@ucar.edu

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