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“According to the CDC, one in every four Americans is living with a disability… Add in the disabilities that come from aging—such as vision and hearing loss, or cognitive disabilities like dementia—and what soon becomes clear is that on a long enough timeline, accessibility will be important to everyone.” (from “Why Accessibility is the Future of Tech”)

This is why accessibility for websites, digital documents, and videos is critical to ensure everyone in your target audience can perceive, understand, navigate, and engage with your message—and ultimately, to increase the reach of NCAR science.

If you’re a creator, designer, developer, or manager of web content, this series of online courses (available for free through Workday Learning) is for you. As you start thinking about your next set of performance goals, consider improving your web design and development skills with accessibility practices. These courses (details below) make it easy!

Want to better understand the web accessibility challenges experienced by people with disabilities? The Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)—an effort led by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), which develops international standards for web accessibility—has a series of accessibility perspective videos (approx. 8 minutes total) to help with this, and also demonstrate the benefits of web accessibility practices for all users. This video series is a great supplement to the following Website Accessibility Courses offered through Workday Learning:


Using Accessibility to Improve SEO

  • 149 minutes
  • For web content creators and developers, or anyone who creates web content via HTML, including text and images.


Accessibility for Web Design

  • 124 minutes
  • For anyone who designs or develops websites, this course has sections broken out by topic such as color contrast, content headings, video/audio, forms, etc.


UX Foundations: Accessibility

  • 80 minutes
  • For anyone who designs, develops, or otherwise determines features of any interface that people interact with, including user researchers, content providers, information architects, designers, and developers. This course covers what the designer needs to make explicit to help the developer ensure accessibility.


Stay tuned to Staff Notes Daily for details about additional courses related to document and video accessibility. Questions? Contact the Web Accessibility Team at web-accessibility@ucar.edu.

Announcement Timing: 
Friday, May 22, 2020 to Friday, June 5, 2020

Posted by Web Accessibility Team at ext. 8601, web-accessibility@ucar.edu

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