UCAR President's Council Summary Notes - 17 June 2011

Present for all agenda items: Rick Anthes, Peter Backlund, Jack Fellows, and Katy SchmollPresent for Item 1: Rena Brasher-Alleva, Hanne Mauriello, Melissa Miller, Bob Roesch, and Shawn WinkelmanPresent for Item 2: Rena Brasher-Alleva, Hanne Mauriello, and Helen MoshakPresent for Items 3, 4, and 5: Aneka Finley and Susan Friberg

To view current and previous summary notes, please go to the following link:  https://www.ucar.edu/inside/internal/pc.

We convened at 10:30 am in CG4 2020.  Peter Backlund represented NCAR in Roger and Maura’s unavoidable absences.

1.       FinTools and HR/Salary Access.

The FinTools Lead team is proposing expanded access to salary information for staff involved in the proposal preparation and budgeting processes. The President’s Council agreed that expanded access is warranted but must be granted with sufficient controls and training to ensure that the data are not misused. The FinTools Lead team will develop a proposed approach for presentation to the President’s Council at a future meeting.

2.       Update on NCAR and UCP FY11 and FY12 Budgets.  

Jack reported that the UCP FY11 anticipated budgets are ~$4M higher than expected.  This is largely due to timing issues.  However, COMET and GLOBE are still facing tough budgets.  As of today, UCP is projecting a ~$70K positive indirect cost variance and have mechanisms in place to reduce UCP indirect budgets if MTDCs drop.  For FY12, it is too early to tell what the budget impacts on UCP will be.

Rena discussed a number of issues with the NCAR budget for FY11.  People are being conservative in their spending, which means NCAR is running a $1.5M negative indirect cost variance for FY11 at this time.  The FY11 and FY12 NCAR MTDC will likely be lower than originally projected, even though the number of proposals being submitted is significantly larger than in recent years.  Programs’ administrative budgets will be adjusted at the end of June with most reduced to reflect lower MTDC estimates.

3.       Members’ Nominating Committee Meeting.

We discussed the upcoming meeting of the Members’ Nominating Committee, which will be held next Tuesday, 21 June using Skype rather than a face-to-face meeting.  Some excellent candidates for the Board of Trustees and Board and Member Committees have been nominated.

4.       SPEC and NCAR Advisory Council Meeting in August.

We discussed the agenda for the 16-17 August meeting of the Scientific Programs Evaluation Committee (SPEC) and the NCAR Advisory Council.  The purpose of this meeting will be to assess progress made on the NCAR Strategic Plan and the actions proposed in the UCAR proposal to NSF for the management of NCAR, in light of the recent NSF science reviews of NCAR.  The Council agreed that a subset of four from the Advisory Council will be asked to join the SPEC in writing the report.  Susan will prepare a revised agenda, and Peter will modify the charge to include a few specific questions such as, “Do the science reviews and/or the changing external funding environment for science require modifications to the NCAR strategic plan?”  We will try to get the revised agenda and charge to the SPEC and Advisory Council by 1 July.

5.       Discussion of October Board of Trustees and Member Representatives Meeting.

Jack reviewed the draft Trustees' and Members' agendas.  We made adjustments to reflect expected Board committee meetings and better balance the normal business agenda items with the Forum.  Jack will continue to work with a community group to refine the Forum.  We also decided to explore a PACUR/NCAR/UCP session to discuss recent PACUR changes and how to deal with community stresses given the tough budget environment.  Jack will discuss this session with Greg Hakim.  We will discuss this again at the July President’s Council meeting.

We adjourned at 2:00 pm.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011 to Thursday, June 23, 2011

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