HAO Colloquium - Alin Paraschiv, NSO

On Long Timescale Recurrent Active Region Coronal Jets: The Coronal Geyser Structure

The seminar will overview our recent findings on active region coronal jets. During its solar disk transit the solar active region 11302 showcased a vast display of coronal jets identified in extreme-ultraviolet imaging.

We describe multiple co-temporal jet phenomenology: (1) The jets exhibit a strand-like morphology undergoing untwisting motions which suggest torsional waves may propagate along open magnetic fields during eruptions; (2) We recover the thermal and non-thermal properties of the eruptions and compared the physical properties of the plasma simultaneously at the base brightpoint and along the jets outflow using multiple techniques in both extreme-ultraviolet and X-ray emission; (3) To further pursue the non-thermal manifestations of jet eruptions, we combined multiple observations and models aiming to reveal the physically fundamented relation between jets, their flaring brightpoints, and interplanetary type-III radio bursts. (4) We study the lower photosphere and reconstruct magnetic structures in order to assess the emission mechanism(s) responsible for generating the identified set of recurrent eruptions.

We report the identification of arched structures in the lower solar atmosphere which undergo through multiple magnetic reconnections and are the main trigger of solar jets. These sites are classified as “Coronal Geysers”.  To our knowledge, the long term jet recurrence and its association with a persistent erupting structure, identified as the "geyser structure", was not previously discussed. The data analysis of this phenomenon provides new information for theoretical modeling of jets and allows for a better assessment of the hypothesis that jet eruptions are triggered by recurring small-scale filament eruptions



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Wednesday, November 20, 2019 - 7:00am to 8:00am MST

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