HAO Colloquium - Marcin Pilinski, CU/LASP

Electron Temperatures in the Martian Ionosphere: evidence of cooling via neutral collisions

After almost three years of operations, the MAVEN mission has sampled almost the entire equatorial ionosphere region of Mars.  This has enabled the study of ion and neutral distributions as well as electron temperatures and densities along with their response to EUV forcing.  Recent results based on Langmuir Probe data related to the daytime electron temperatures between 150 km and 220 km altitudes will be presented.  The data is indicative of morning and evening electron-temperature "overshoots" as well as significant daytime cooling by neutral carbon dioxide.  Furthermore, increases in EUV forcing are shown to decrease electron temperatures at certain locations. Due to the significant coupling between electrons and neutrals at these altitudes, a brief background on the neutral Martian Thermosphere, including MAVEN neutral mass spectrometer results, will also be provided.


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2139 Captain Mary

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017 - 3:30am to 4:30am

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