Beseler 45MXT Medium-Format Enlarger and Darkroom Equipment

Beseler 45MXT medium format (4" x 5" negative) enlarger in excellent condition and lots of extras! $500

A nearly complete 4x5 darkroom. The enlarger alone costs $2000 new. Condenser head enlarger with power lift and Resistrol voltage control/readout, Kreuznach Componon 135mm lens, glassless 4x5 negative carrier, Beseler PM1 color analyzer, Bogen 16x20 easel, 16" x 20" Jobo print processor drum, 8x10 and 4x5 trays, safelights, chemical bottles, color correction and variable contrast filters, and more! 

I have made many 16x20 prints with this equipment and it is all high quality. Contact me if you would like more information.

Pictures are available at craigslist:

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