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Classified will run from 10/23/2019 to 11/08/2019

I am the Outreach & Education Coordinator for the Boulder Mountain Fire Protection District Auxiliary. Each year we host a large fine arts and crafts fair for the community, that helps us raise money for our volunteer firefighters. This year we have more than artists, plus community crafts, a large bake sale, and some talented musicians. Part of my job is to get the word out, so if you'd like to get some holiday shopping done plus enjoy yummy baked goods and free entertainment, bring the whole family and join us on Saturday, November 9 or Sunday November 10 at the Boulder Elks Lodge, 3975 28th St. Here is our website for more information: Hope to see you there! Sue Brundege x8719

For more information, contact Sue Brundege at ext. 8719,

Classified will run from 10/22/2019 to 12/21/2019

1 Bedroom condo in a luxury apartment complex 2 miles from Foothills lab and CG.

The Condo is available for rent during the Holidays time (Novermber 15th to December 28th)

Apartment comes with under ground parking for 1 car.

You can rent the whole period or part of it. Very reasonalble and negotiable.

About the apartment complex:

For more information, contact Lomy Khair at ext. 2694,

Classified will run from 10/18/2019 to 10/31/2019

Hardwood crib and mattress, plus bedding - $70

Changing table - $35

Baby walker toy - $15

Burley bike trailer - $60

All items are in excellent condition! Send an email to to see photos.  

For more information, contact Barbara Brown at ext. 8468,

Classified will run from 10/17/2019 to 10/30/2019

tl;dr; version: Do you have a Samsung J3 which you can lend me? If so please contact me. As long as the screen works, it will be very useful to me, even if there is no battery, or it has other problems, including cracked, but still working, display.

Full version: I broke the screen of my Samsung J3 and after getting a new phone I realized that I have some data which has not transferred but it is still stuck in the old phone. The data is not so valuable to be worth the professional $100 repair (on a 4 year phone for which I have no use anymore other than the 10 minutes data recovery), but still valuable enough that I am trying to recover it. I learned that I can use the display of your phone to access mine, so that is what I intend to do. If you are concerned about me accessing your data, you can totally wipe your phone (if you are not using it anymore, obviously) and/or watch me while I do the operation. I will not even turn your phone on: I will just use its display, attaching its cable (hidden under a tiny door) to mine. This cable attachment has a slight chance of damaging your phone, so I'll do it only after triple checking with you that you are ok with this risk, however small.

If you are not sure about the model of your old Samsung phone, remove the battery and look for the model code: the J3's have model code such as SM-J3xxx, eg. SM-J320A

Thank you so much!

For more information, contact Davide DelVento at ext. 1233,

Classified will run from 10/16/2019 to 11/30/2019

Built in frigidaire dishwasher in excellent condition, stainless steel, bought it in 2016. See the details at the link below. I'm changing it due to a remodelling of my kitchen. Asking $90.

For more information, contact Stefano Alessandrini at ext. 8377,

Classified will run from 10/16/2019 to 10/25/2019

Pickup in S. Boulder, or delivery to Boulder, especially NCAR+UCAR.

Prices; or best offer (including $0) by 10/25/2019.

AT&T Model CL4940

Corded phone and handset. Digital Answering System. Large number buttons and display characters. Speed dial, Speaker phone mode. Sound volume and equalizer. Aftermarket power adapter (required addition of short legs to make more space under the phone). DSL filter included to prevent problems some have reported with the phone failing to disconnect when hung up. White (power adapter is black).

$10 (money back if it doesn't work for you within a week).


RadioShack Trim Style corded phone (ET-3222) Mute and redial buttons. Desk or wall mount. No cord (unless requested)



US West corded phone (CT-200)

Corded handset. Desk or wall mount. Speaker mode and mute button. Good sound quality, but display no longer works. Instruction book and power adapter included.



Toshiba cordless handset phone (FT-7505)

Desk or wall mounted base. Base and handset can be used to dial. Speed dial 12 numbers.

The handset recharges in the base. Off-white


For more information, contact Kevin Raeder at ext. 1307,

Classified will run from 10/16/2019 to 10/25/2019

Solid oak,  12" diameter frame. Clock face is 9" with 1" numbers. battery powered (1 AA) quartz time keeper, Second hand is just a stub, but otherwise in excellent condition. Picture available.

$5 or best offer by 10/25/2019. Can deliver to Boulder or Louisville.

For more information, contact Kevin Raeder at ext. 1307,

Classified will run from 10/16/2019 to 10/25/2019

LLBean Knife Edge. Gore-Tex, brown leather uppers. Lace eyelets on the foot, hooks on the ankles. Little wear on soles, some scuffs on toes.

$20 or best offer by 10/25/2019. Can deliver to Boulder or Louisville.

For more information, contact Kevin Raeder at ext. 1307,

Classified will run from 10/16/2019 to 10/25/2019

Well-padded, Thinsulate, leather and nylon uppers. Light gray with light blue trim, black rubber toes and soles. Velcro fasteners and heel loops for pulling them on. Excellent condition except for somewhat worn heels. Pictures on request. $20 or best offer by 10/25/2019. Can deliver to Boulder, especially UCAR facilities.

For more information, contact Kevin Raeder at ext. 1307,

Classified will run from 10/14/2019 to 10/31/2019

Rent is $800/month/room ($1500/month for both rooms), including utilities, internet, and trash and snow removal. Owner is a NOAA scientist who lives in-state about half the time and is away the rest of the month. The rooms are in a well-kept, 3-bedroom/3-bath single-family home in Lafayette. You have shared access to the kitchen, living room, washer/dryer, basement, and garage space for 1 car. The house is in Anna’s Farm, a quiet neighborhood with mountain views located about 10 mi/16 km from NOAA, CU, and NCAR. Parks, walking trails, shopping, pubs, restaurants, city recreation center, and library are within 1.5 mi/2.4 km of the house. RTD bus line #225 has regular service to/from Boulder, with a stop that’s a short walk away. 

For more information, contact Roberta Spivak at ext. 1714,

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