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UCAR has a long history of meaningful exchanges among staff members and management through Delphi, a service created in 1974 to give staff a vehicle to ask leaders questions in a confidential manner. The name, Delphi, is in reference to an ancient Greek sanctuary where the oracle was consulted on important decisions. It was considered the center of the ancient Greek world. UCAR’s Delphi Service is a central place where staff can ask leadership about important decisions, policies, and processes. In most cases, the answers to Delphi questions are published for all staff to read and learn from.

The Delphi Coordinator

As outlined in the Delphi Service - Policy 1-5, an employee is elected by the staff to coordinate the process. The coordinator is the only person in the process who knows your name. They will research and provide an answer to your question in strict confidence. Our current coordinator is Donna Cummings, an administrative assistant in CPAESS. Contact info for Donna can be found on the Delphi Q&A page.

Submitting a question

You can submit questions to Delphi in the following ways:

  • Interoffice mail in a sealed envelope marked "confidential,”
  • Email, with “confidential” in the subject line, or
  • US mail to the home address of the Delphi Coordinator (see the Delphi Q&A page to contact the coordinator and to get her home address).

All questions must include your name and contact information so the coordinator can correspond confidentially with you. The only person in the process that will know your name is the Delphi Coordinator. If you don’t include your name and contact information, your question will not be answered.

You will be given the option of not having your question published online. If your question is better suited for another channel, you may be referred to the UCAR Ombuds Office, your supervisor, or Human Resources for advice.

Where are Delphi questions and answers published?

You will find the most recent Delphi questions and answers of general interest published here on the Staff Notes Daily website. There will be an announcement in the Staff Notes Daily morning email each time a new question and answer is posted.

Delphi Q&As | About Delphi | Writing Tips | Anonymous Reporting



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