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 Is your question right for Delphi?

  • Questions that need not be anonymous or confidential can go to outlets other than Delphi, particularly when they may lack broad interest. Sending routine questions about building maintenance, signage, and flags directly to Facilities Management, Safety & Sustainability may be more efficient than querying Delphi.
  • Questions that are personal in nature may be better suited for UCAR Ombuds office, your supervisor, or Human Resources.
  • Human Resources has answers to many common HR questions, as well as a “How do I...?” FAQ with instructions for everything from finding staff development classes to adjusting the heat in your office.

What does a good question include?

  • Include enough details so that the respondent will be able to give you a satisfactory response. Follow-on questions are allowed.
  • While it’s acceptable to make general comments about a situation that troubles you, be sure to include an actual question if you’re seeking a specific answer.
  • At times you may be asked to revise the wording of a question to provide additional clarity, to protect your confidentiality, or to be more in tune with a spirit of collegiality.
  • Avoid giving examples that cite the names of other individuals, unless such names are central to the nature of the question.
  • Please include your contact information so the coordinator can correspond confidentially with you.  If you don’t include your name and contact information, your question will not be answered.

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