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About Staff Notes Daily

Staff Notes Daily is the email and web newsletter by and for the entire staff of NCAR and UCAR. Every staff member with an "" email address receives the Staff Notes Daily morning email every business day (what to do if you're not receiving it). Every item in the email is also posted here on the web.

Any staff member can submit three types of post:

What's the difference between an Announcement and a Calendar Event?

Choose "Announcement" to provide work-related information not associated with an event, or to alert staff about a future event so they can "save the date."

Choose "Calendar event" to add the date and time of your seminar, workshop, or meeting to the website Calendar and automatically advertise the event in the morning email on the day it takes place. When you choose a webcast location, your event is also automatically promoted on the UCAR Live webcast streaming service.

Questions or Assistance

Please contact:

Guidelines for Announcements

  • Announcements must be work related and support the strategic mission of the organization.
  • They cannot promote commercial products, charities, or political causes, or offer personal items for sale. See UCAR Solicitation and Distribution of Materials Policy 3-4.
  • They cannot be of a personal nature, such as notices of volunteer or charitable events, garage sales, etc.
  • Staff Notes Daily offers a Classifieds section for staff wishing to post personal notices as well as discounts or other staff services offered through UCAR.
  • Classifieds Guidelines & Help provide more information.
  • Make sure that your message is truly of potential interest to all staff. If your message is not relevant to all staff, please send your message to the appropriate subgroup via email.
  • Keep Announcements short. In consideration of your colleagues, if your message is more than 250–300 words long, post a short description and a pointer to where more information can be obtained.

Announcements may be posted at any time, via the web, up to one business day in advance of the intended email date.

Announcements are archived for one year. You will need to keep a personal record should you wish to refer to your announcement after a year.

About the Calendar of Events

The Staff Notes Daily Calendar provides:

  • Immediate posting, on approval, of your upcoming event on this website.
  • Automatic day-of-event reminder in the Staff Notes Daily morning email.
  • Automatic spotlighting of webcasts on the UCAR Live calendar.

To provide readers with a "save the date" alert: Check the "Announcement" box on the submission form and select Announcement timing so that your Announcement  appears from one to two weeks before the start of the event and/or a day preceding the event. Remember: you do not need to run another Announcement on the actual date of your event. Your Calendar event will automatically appear in the daily morning email at 7:00 am on that date.


Guidelines for Classifieds - Employees Only

The Classifieds section of Staff Notes Daily is the electronic equivalent of the bulletin boards in UCAR buildings where employees may post notices of items for sale or rent, want ads, and the like. 

The Classifieds section is governed by and subject to UCAR Solicitation and Distribution of Materials Policy 3-4 and its related Procedures.

The Classifieds section is to be used only by and for UCAR employees.

  • Log in using your CIT password to submit a post or view the Classifieds
  • Do not post any third-party contact information within your Classified; you must be the employee contact for your post

Visitors without an email address who are interested in a Classified listing may want to ask one of their hosts to provide information about it.

No Photos

Do not post photos or other supplementary information related to your classified on any UCAR website (including Google Drive or Sites). Refer instead to a non-UCAR website or a personal, non-UCAR Google Drive account. According to UCAR policy and NSF regulations, our website can only be used for professional activities. If you have digital or other images to accompany your classified posting and don't want to share them via the web, please include a note in the ad, such as, "Photos available on request." Email may be used for limited amounts of personal communication and is an appropriate way to distribute a few low-to-medium resolution images.

Classified dos/don'ts


  1. Items/services for sale. You may post notices of personal items for sale as long as the items are second hand and not offered for profit. You may NOT post items for sale by or on behalf of educational, nonprofit, or charitable organizations. UCAR cannot use Staff Notes Daily or any other part of its website to promote commercial enterprises, except those sponsored by UCAR.
  2. Tickets. You may use the Classifieds to sell tickets that you purchased for yourself but that you will not be able to use. You may not ask more than the face value of the ticket. You may also post notices of tickets for events, such as theatrical or musical productions, in which you are personally involved, either as a performer or organizer.
  3. Want ads. You may post notices of items wanted for sale or rent.
  4. Real estate and housing. You may use the Classifieds to sell or rent real estate owned by a UCAR employee and offered without a third party agent or broker. You may also advertise for roommates, subletters, house exchanges, and the like. Housing offered to or needed by UCAR visitors should be listed through the Housing Office.
  5. Community events in which staff members are involved may be posted as long as the events are not in support of political, commercial, or religious organizations or activities. Please describe your involvement in the activity as part of your post.
  6. Domestic services offered by yourself or a member of your immediate family, such as housesitting, babysitting, pet care, snow shovelling, or lawn care.


  1. Political solicitations: Political notices or solicitations are specifically prohibited under UCAR Policy 3-4.
  2. Religious solicitations: Religious notices or solicitations are specifically prohibited under UCAR Policy 3-4.
  3. Commercial products or business services, from any source. You may not post items for sale by or on behalf of educational, nonprofit, or charitable organizations. This guideline does not apply to professional societies aligned with the NCAR | UCAR missions.
  4. Firearms and other weapons: Firearms or weapons of any kind may not be advertised.
  5. Real estate sold or rented via a third party agent or broker. Only real estate sold or rented by a UCAR employee directly may be advertised in classifieds. Disclaimers

UCAR reserves the right to reject any submission to the Classifieds that may not comply with UCAR Policy 3-4 or any other UCAR policy.

UCAR strives to maintain an inclusive, ethical, and professional workplace. The content of any classified is not an endorsement or official statement by UCAR, nor does it reflect the views of UCAR.

The Classifieds are offered as a service for UCAR staff only and are protected with Google authentication. Even so, we ask you to keep in mind that it is possible for people outside UCAR to gain access to classified ads. As with any transaction, whether dealing with people outside or inside UCAR, please be aware of the potential for dishonest practices on the part of people with whom you deal via these classified ads.

Classified ads may be posted at any time, up to one business day in advance of the intended email date, via the web.

Classifieds are not archived and cannot be retrieved once the end date you designate has passed. You will need to keep a personal record should you wish to refer to your ad after its end date.

Quick Facts

NCAR is managed by the nonprofit University Corporation for Atmospheric Research on behalf of NSF and the UCAR university community.

  • NCAR is not a federal agency and its employees are not part of the federal personnel system.
  • Our activities complement those of the federal agencies and we work closely with them.

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