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Quick List

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Advance Notice - Proposal Data

Anonymous Reporting Channels

Brand Standards & Logos

Committees & Assemblies

Concur Travel System | Help

Connect - HR Info & Classes

Diversity & Inclusion

UCAR Operations Forms Library

UCAR Operations Web Apps Portal


Google Apps Support Site

Help Desk - CISL IT

Help Desk - UCAR Operations IT

Image & Multimedia Gallery

Kuali Awards Management | Help


Maps & Directions

Metrics Database

OPEX Tools

People Search - Staff Directory

People Search - Internal Services

Policies & Procedures

Signature Authority | Help

Staff Mobile App

Timecard/Paystub/PTO  (pre-July 2019 ONLY; see Workday, below, for current system)

Travel & Immigration Resources

Travel Office

UCAS Password Help

UProcure Portal | Help

Weather Stations (NCAR & UCAR campuses)

Wi-Fi for Guests & Personal Devices

Workday - Timecard/Paystub/PTO/Career Opportunities + more | Help


Staff  Resources

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Awards to Staff for Outstanding Accomplishment
Buildings & Grounds
Childcare, Elder Care
Communications, Media Relations
Computing Help
Discussion Lists
Email, Phones
Employee Discount Program
Fitness, Health & Fun
Funding & Budgets
GSuite: Google Apps Help
History & Mission
Human Resources
Library Services & Resources
Mail & Shipping
Meetings & Event Planning
New Staff
Notary Public
Presentation Templates
Outstanding Accomplishment Awards
Password, UCAS
Photography, Video, Logos
Policies, Legal Counsel & Ethics
Property, Moving & Storage
Safety & Security
Social Media, Wiki
Sustainability, Green Team
Tax Exemption Info
Training & Career Development
UCAS Password
Weather stations
Work/Life Assistance & Support
Writing Guides



Benefits home page

Payroll & Holiday Schedule

Paid Leave Policy

Timecard/Paystub/PTO Status

Education Assistance: Tuition Assistance for Academic Coursework

Benefits Manual


Buildings & Grounds

Addresses, Maps, Directions

Contact us (all NCAR & UCAR campuses)

Floor Plans

Building Drawings

Front Desks

Front Desk Phone Numbers & Services (access cards, EcoPass, Black Bag services, passport photos, etc.)


Building Maintenance & Custodial Services

Recycling, sustainable commuting, and more




Events Calendar

Staff Notes Daily Calendar

Google Calendar Support

Google Apps Support for staff


Childcare & Elder Care

UCAR Childcare Center

Backup Care & Referrals (children and elders)


Communications, Media Relations

Communications Office - For Staff

Media Office - For Journalists

Brand Standards & Logos for NCAR, UCAR, and NSF

Climate Voices - Resources


Computing Help

CISL Help Desk

Local IT System Support (Systems Administrators for all Labs/Programs/Groups)

I forgot my UCAS (aka Kerberos) password or need to reset it. What should I do?


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Internal only


Discussion Lists

Google Groups

Older Discussion Lists


Email, Phones

Gmail Help

Google Apps (GSuite) Support for staff

Contacting all staff

Staff Notes Daily (Announcements, Calendar, Classifieds)

Emailing Staff, By Building

Telephones & Voicemail

Phone Instructions & FAQs

Networking Support


Fitness, Health & Fun

Wellness Committee (Fitness Center hours & classes, Health Fair, flu shots)

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Employee Discount Program

Ergonomic Care - seating/lighting/etc., evaluations & equipment (HESS)

Employee Activities Committee (events, parties, discounts)

Health Benefits (HR)


Funding & Budgets

NCAR Budget & Planning Office

UCP Budget & Administration Office

NSF Geosciences Directorate

Contracts & NSF Cooperative Agreement

Treasury Operations

Our Sponsor & Other Funders

Google Suite (aka Google Apps) Help

Google Suite Support for staff


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History & Mission

Our History

NCAR & UCAR History

NCAR & UCAR Archives

Honors & Awards

Honors & Awards - Staff Laurels (external recognition)

Awards from NCAR & UCAR (Outstanding Accomplishment & Distinguished Achievement awards)

About Outstanding Accomplishment Awards to Staff

About NCAR & UCAR and Our Mission

About NCAR

About UCAR


Human Resources

HR Home Page

HR Org Chart

Connect (register for classes, update personal contact info, view personnel profile and history)

Current Job Openings (Workday)

Human Resources A-Z

Administrator Resources


Library Services & Resources

NCAR Library

Locations | Staff

Library Help

OpenSky (open access database of NCAR & UCAR scholarship)

Scientific data management (research data resources within and beyond NCAR & UCAR)

Archives (preserving the institutional memory of NCAR & UCAR)

Photo Library

 NCAR|UCAR Image and Multimedia Gallery on OpenSky

Mail & Shipping

Interoffice Mail, Black Bag intercampus courier service, USPS & Express Mail

Exporting (export compliance rules and resources)

Meetings & Event Planning

Catering, Room Reservations, Meeting Transportation

Meetings+ (reserve rooms and A/V, webcasting, or catering via Google Calendar)

Event Services Home Page (food & event planning)

Meeting & Event Planning Guide

Request Forms (alcoholic beverages, transportation)

Audio/Visual and Conferencing Technology

IT Multimedia Services (webcasting, A/V support, video conferencing)

ReadyTalk (web conferencing)

Access Grid & Polycom (high-bandwidth conferencing, CISL/Vislab)

Meeting Help: Special Projects

Cooperative Programs for the Advancement of Earth System Science



Networking Support (phones, ethernet)


New Staff

New Employee Assistance

About NCAR & UCAR (mission, history, and more)

About NCAR

About UCAR

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Notary Public

Notary Public (staff who are notaries - Staff Yellow Pages)

Outstanding Accomplishment Awards

About internal awards to staff (information about our Outstanding Accomplishment & Distinguished Achievement awards)

Honors & Awards - Staff Laurels (from national/international organizations)


Photography, Video, Logos


NCAR/UCAR Image & Multimedia Gallery (an OpenSky service)

Logos & Brand Standards - NCAR, UCAR, NSF


Passport & Other ID Photos - FL2 front desk

Copyright Permissions

Printing Services (Contracts)



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Policies, Procedures, Legal Counsel & Ethics

Policies & Procedures

Office of General Counsel

Ethics/Whistleblower Policies

Ethics: Anonymous Reporting


Property, Moving & Storage

Property Office

Moves (Logistics Operations)

Warehouse Services (Logistics Operations)



 NCAR Proposal Office

 UCP Proposal Process & Guidelines




Contracts website


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Safety & Security

Medical Emergencies & First Aid (FMS&S)

Health, Environment, and Safety Services (HESS)

Travel Safety Tips & Advisories (HESS)

Security Services (FMS&S)

Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity


CISL Security Engineering Group

Conduct, Inclusion & Safety

NCAR & UCAR Code of Conduct

Office of Diversity & Inclusion

Ombuds Office


Social Media, Collaborative Wiki

Social Media Guidelines

Social Media & YouTube Community of Practice




Presentation & Poster Templates

See the Template Gallery on

Writing Style & Glossaries

NCAR/UCAR Communications Style Guide

Acronym List (NCAR/UCAR web archive of primarily pre-internet acronyms)

AMS Glossary of Meteorology (American Meteorological Society)


Environmental Sustainability - Commuting, Recycling & More

NCAR & UCAR Sustainability (green offices & events, composting, recycling, transportation)


Tax Exemption and Other Corporate Information

Contact UCAR Office of General Counsel


Training & Career Development

Employee & Organizational Development (classes, training - in person and online)

Leadership Academy

English as a Second Language for Science (UCAR ESL)

Peer Mentoring

Tuition Assistance for Academic Coursework (aka Education Assistance)


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Travel Office Home Page

Travel Forms

Travel Info (per diem, currency conversion, time zones, etc.) (JOSS)

Travel Safety Tips & Advisories (HESS)

Travel & Immigration Resources for Staff & Visitors



Scientific & Professional

Visitors Manual

Housing for Visitors

International Visitor & Scholar Services


Visiting Opportunities

For Faculty & Professionals

For Postdocs

For Graduate Students

For Undergraduates & High School Students

Workshops & Colloquia

Public Visits & Tours

Visit NCAR's Mesa Lab

School Field Trips to NCAR



NCAR|UCAR Shuttle Schedule & App

Fleet Vehicle Rental (short- & long-term)


Weather Stations

Mesa Lab - Southwest Boulder, Colorado

Foothills Lab - Northeast Boulder, Colorado

NCAR-Wyoming Supercomputing Center - Cheyenne, Wyoming



 Guest Wi-Fi

Work/Life Assistance & Support

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Ombuds Office (independent, neutral, confidential assistance to staff)

Please also see the Committees page


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Quick Facts

NCAR is managed by the nonprofit University Corporation for Atmospheric Research on behalf of NSF and the UCAR university community.

  • NCAR is not a federal agency and its employees are not part of the federal personnel system.
  • Our activities complement those of the federal agencies and we work closely with them.

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