JOSS (Joint Office for Science Support)

UCAR’s Joint Office for Science Support is a team of professional administrative and technical specialists that collaborate with scientific organizations worldwide to help make research and education as productive, efficient, and cost-effective as possible.

Each year JOSS arranges and administers more than 400 scientific meetings, conferences, and workshops of all sizes around the world.  JOSS provides opportunities to early career scientists by facilitating interactions between senior and early career scientists.  Our experts provide you with complete travel management, including international travel. We are fully compliant with the Fly America Act.

A multitude of national and international scientific programs rely on JOSS’s expertise to help them achieve their mission.  We partner with you in navigating the scientific funding landscape. We provide comprehensive program management: funding, staffing and complete programmatic support.
Key Contacts
Hanne Mauriello, JOSS Interim Director


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