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Fundamental research conducted in MMM is essential to both the improvement of current weather and climate models, and helps develop the next generation of models. The success of the enterprise stands on the tripod of numerical modeling (including physics parameterizations), data assimilation and model verification.

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Lab / Program Staff Directory (76)
Herring, Jackson
Smolarkiewicz, Piotr
Davis, Chris cdavis@ucar.edu303-497-8990
Morss, Rebecca morss@ucar.edu303-497-8172
Marwitz, Kris kmarwitz@ucar.edu303-497-8198
Morgan, Kathy kmorgan@ucar.edu303-497-8954
Thayer, Yemaya ythayer@ucar.edu303-497-8207
Tjandrasa, Chandra chandrat@ucar.edu303-497-8975
Haws, Caroline haws@ucar.edu303-497-8189
Sandoval, Kay sandoval@ucar.edu303-497-8956
Borst, Carter borst@ucar.edu303-497-8177
Disterhoft, Jon jdister@ucar.edu303-497-8233
Ge, Ming mingge@ucar.edu303-497-2832
Holland, Greg
Towler, Erin towler@ucar.edu303-497-2724
Bruyere, Cindy bruyerec@ucar.edu303-497-8914
Done, James done@ucar.edu303-497-8209
Tye, Mari maritye@ucar.edu303-497-8236
Prein, Andreas prein@ucar.edu303-497-8200
Jaye, Abby jaye@ucar.edu303-497-8936
Accame, Willy
Heymsfield, Andrew heyms1@ucar.edu303-497-8943
Sullivan, Peter pps@ucar.edu303-497-8953
Dye, James dye@ucar.edu303-497-8944
LeMone, Margaret lemone@ucar.edu303-497-8962
Bryan, George gbryan@ucar.edu303-497-8989
Rotunno, Richard rotunno@ucar.edu303-497-8904
Grabowski, Wojciech grabow@ucar.edu303-497-8974
Trier, Stanley trier@ucar.edu303-497-8912
Morrison, Hugh morrison@ucar.edu303-497-8916
Patton, Edward (Ned) patton@ucar.edu303-497-8958
Bansemer, Aaron bansemer@ucar.edu303-497-8913
Schmitt, Carl schmittc@ucar.edu303-497-8905
Lenschow, Don lenschow@ucar.edu303-497-8903
Burns, Sean sean@ucar.edu303-497-8934
Knight, Charles knightc@ucar.edu303-497-8940
Coen, Janice janicec@ucar.edu303-497-8986
Ying, Zhuming zhuming@ucar.edu303-497-2887
Lazrus, Heather hlazrus@ucar.edu303-497-8227
Liu, Zhiquan liuz@ucar.edu303-497-8195
Ahijevych, David ahijevyc@ucar.edu303-497-8922
Bresch, Jamie hclin@ucar.edu303-497-8977
Snyder, Chris chriss@ucar.edu303-497-8966
Demuth, Julie jdemuth@ucar.edu303-497-8112
Ha, Soyoung syha@ucar.edu303-497-2601
Berner, Judith berner@ucar.edu303-497-2877
Romine, Glen romine@ucar.edu303-497-8997
Schwartz, Craig schwartz@ucar.edu303-497-1841
Sobash, Ryan sobash@ucar.edu303-497-8168
Jung, BJ bjung@ucar.edu303-497-8151
Ban, Junmei jban@ucar.edu303-497-2727
Fossell, Kate fossell@ucar.edu303-497-8967
Wong, May mwong@ucar.edu303-497-8451
Vickery, Jamie
Smith, Dakota
Sun, Wei weisun@ucar.edu303-497-8211
Hanson, Thomas thanson@ucar.edu303-497-8969
Guerrette, Jonathan
Wu, Yali
Vahl, Steven vahl@ucar.edu303-497-8241
Fowler, Laura laura@ucar.edu303-497-1628
Manning, Kevin kmanning@ucar.edu303-497-8929
Klemp, Joe klemp@ucar.edu303-497-8902
Weisman, Morris weisman@ucar.edu303-497-8901
Wang, Wei weiwang@ucar.edu303-497-8919
Duda, Michael duda@ucar.edu303-497-8146
Bresch, Jim bresch@ucar.edu303-497-8145
Gill, David gill@ucar.edu303-497-8162
Dudhia, Jimy dudhia@ucar.edu303-497-8950
Powers, Jordan powers@ucar.edu303-497-8937
Skamarock, Bill skamaroc@ucar.edu303-497-8161
Chen, Ming chenming@ucar.edu303-497-8196
Werner, Kelly kkeene@ucar.edu303-497-8208
Judt, Falko fjudt@ucar.edu303-497-8246
Jang, Jihyeon jjang@ucar.edu303-497-8140
Curry, Miles mcurry@ucar.edu303-497-8998

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