Oceanography research understands the large-scale ocean circulation and the dynamics of climate through studies of the important processes in the ocean, in air-sea interaction, and in coupled systems.

Division / Section Staff Directory (24)
Lindsay, Keith klindsay@ucar.edu303-497-1722
Danabasoglu, Gokhan gokhan@ucar.edu303-497-1604
Kleypas, Joanie kleypas@ucar.edu303-497-8111
Bryan, Frank bryan@ucar.edu303-497-1394
Norton, Nancy njn01@ucar.edu
Kauffman, Brian kauff@ucar.edu303-497-1385
Yeager, Stephen yeager@ucar.edu303-497-1721
Holland, Bill holland@ucar.edu303-497-1353
Large, William wily@ucar.edu303-497-1364
Whitt, Daniel dwhitt@ucar.edu303-497-8072
Small, Justin jsmall@ucar.edu303-497-1387
Long, Matthew mclong@ucar.edu303-497-1311
Castruccio, Frederic fredc@ucar.edu303-497-1344
Bachman, Scott bachman@ucar.edu303-497-1346
Gent, Peter gent@ucar.edu303-497-1355
Kim, Who whokim@ucar.edu303-497-1736
Maroon, Elizabeth emaroon@ucar.edu303-497-1218
Altuntas, Alper altuntas@ucar.edu303-497-1283
Krumhardt, Kristen kristenk@ucar.edu303-497-1754
Marques, Gustavo gmarques@ucar.edu303-497-1740
Mongwe, Precious pmongwe@ucar.edu303-497-1707
Amodeo, Todd amodeo@ucar.edu303-497-1704
Cherian, Deepak dcherian@ucar.edu303-497-1713
Deppenmeier, Anna-Lena deppenme@ucar.edu303-497-1329

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