Remote Sensing Facility



The RSF's mission is to serve the observational needs of the atmospheric science community by developing and deploying state-of-the-art radar and lidar instrumentation. RSF is committed to providing and analyzing cross-cutting measurements in interdisciplinary research thereby continuing EOL’s leadership in the discipline of remote sensing.

Division / Section Staff Directory (22)
Lee, Wen-Chau wenchau@ucar.edu303-497-8814
Ellis, Scott sellis@ucar.edu303-497-2076
Dixon, Michael dixon@ucar.edu303-497-8440
Hubbert, John hubbert@ucar.edu303-497-2041
Moore, Jim jmoore@ucar.edu303-497-8635
Emmett, Jonathan jemmett@ucar.edu303-497-2053
Loew, Eric ericloew@ucar.edu303-497-2068
Weckwerth, Tammy tammy@ucar.edu303-497-8790
Vivekanandan, Jothiram vivek@ucar.edu303-497-8402
Spuler, Scott spuler@ucar.edu303-497-2014
Burghart, Chris burghart@ucar.edu303-497-8836
Tsai, Peisang ptsai@ucar.edu303-497-2011
Erickson, Richard riche@ucar.edu303-497-2067
Hayman, Matthew mhayman@ucar.edu303-497-1087
Kay, Junkyung junkyung@ucar.edu303-497-2637
Romatschke, Ulrike romatsch@ucar.edu303-497-8817
Lovell, Lucas llovell@ucar.edu303-497-2034
Javornik, Brenda brenda@ucar.edu303-497-2028
Smith, Kina kina@ucar.edu303-497-2035
Karboski, Adam karboski@ucar.edu303-497-8153
Huang, Gwo-Jong
Katsampes, Nicholas

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  • NCAR is not a federal agency and its employees are not part of the federal personnel system.
  • Our activities complement those of the federal agencies and we work closely with them.

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