Climate Change Research

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Division / Section Staff Directory (19)
Washington, Warren CCRDistinguished Scholar
Rosenbloom, Nan CCRProj Mgr II
Meehl, Gerald CCRSr Scient Sect Head
Strand, Gary CCRSoft Eng/Prog III
Yeager, Stephen CCRProj Scientist III
Shields, Christine CCRProj Scientist II
Hu, Aixue CCRProj Scientist III
Richter, Yaga CCRScientist III
Bates, Susan CCRProject Scientist II
Li, Hui CCRProj Scientist I
Tye, Mari CCRProj Scientist II
Pendergrass, Angeline CCRProj Scientist II
Glanville, Sasha CCRAssoc Scientist II
Dagon, Katie CCRProj Scientist I
Molina, Maria CCRProject Scientist I
Larson, McKenzie CCRVisitor
Myers, Brendan CCRVisitor - Casual
Mayer, Kirsten CCRCGD/Climate Change Research Postdoctoral Fellow
King, Teagan CCRAssoc Scientist II

Quick Facts

NCAR is managed by the nonprofit University Corporation for Atmospheric Research on behalf of NSF and the UCAR university community.

  • NCAR is not a federal agency and its employees are not part of the federal personnel system.
  • Our activities complement those of the federal agencies and we work closely with them.

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