Climate & Global Dynamics Lab

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Lab / Program Staff Directory (126)
Caron, Julie AMPAssoc Scientist IV
Olson, Jerry AMPSoft Eng/Prog III
Gettelman, Andrew AMPSenior Scientist
Neale, Richard AMPProj Scientist IV
Hsu, Hsiao-Ming AMPCasual - Assoc Sci III/IV
Callaghan, Patrick AMPProj Scientist II
Moncrieff, Mitchell AMPSr Res Assoc - CAS
Lauritzen, Peter AMPScientist III
Truesdale, John AMPSoft Eng/Prog III
Tribbia, Joseph AMPSr Res Assoc - CAS
Kasahara, Akira AMPSr Res Assoc - CAS
Hannay, Cecile AMPAssoc Scientist IV
Goldhaber, Steve AMPSoft Eng/Prog III
Williamson, Dave AMPSr Sci Emeritus
Coleman, Dani AMPAssoc Scientist III
Chen, Chih-Chieh-Jack AMPProj Scientist I
Bacmeister, Julio AMPSenior Scientist
Medeiros, Brian AMPProj Scientist II
Kruse, Christopher AMPProj Scientist I
Nusbaumer, Jesse AMPSoft Eng/Prog II
Herrington, Adam AMPProj Scientist I
Fowler, Meg AMPProj Scientist II
McCluskey, Christina AMPProj Scientist I
Madden, Roland CASSr Sci Emeritus
Fasullo, John CASProj Scientist III
Shea, Dennis CASCasual - Assoc Sci III/IV
Schneider, David CASProj Scientist II
Branstator, Grant CASSr Res Assoc - CAS
Phillips, Adam CASAssoc Scientist IV
Deser, Clara CASSr Scient Sect Head
Simpson, Isla CASScientist II
O'Brien, John CASPostdoc Fellow I
Lehner, Flavio CASProj Scientist I
Washington, Warren CCRDistinguished Scholar
Rosenbloom, Nan CCRProj Mgr II
Meehl, Gerald CCRSr Scient Sect Head
Stern, Ilana CCRSoft Eng/Prog I
Strand, Gary CCRSoft Eng/Prog III
Shields, Christine CCRAssoc Scientist IV
Hu, Aixue CCRProj Scientist III
Richter, Yaga CCRScientist III
Bates, Susan CCRProj Scientist II - NE
Li, Hui CCRProj Scientist I
Pendergrass, Angeline CCRProj Scientist I - NE
Glanville, Sasha CCRAssoc Scientist II
Dagon, Katie CCRProj Scientist I
Pasha, Muntaha CCRVisitor - Casual
Molina, Maria CCRProj Scientist I
Maclennan, Michelle CCRVisitor - Casual
Hurrell, James CGDAOSr Sci Emeritus
Cervantes, Lara CGDAOAdministrator III
DiMarco, Marlene CGDAOBudget Analyst I
Trenberth, Kevin CGDAODistinguished Scholar
Shearer, Stephanie CGDAOAdmin Assistant III
Book, Christina CGDAOBudget Analyst III
Vlasity, Barb CGDAOAdministrator II
Gentile, Silvia CGDAOBudget Analyst I
Faircloth, Elizabeth CGDAOMtg Planner III
Baker, Tracy CGDAOAdmin Assistant III
Spivak, Roberta CGDAOExecutive Asst I
Lamarque, Jean-Francois CGDDEPTNCAR Lab Dir
Craig, Cheryl CSEGSoft Eng/Prog III
Sacks, Bill CSEGSoft Eng/Prog IV
Eaton, Brian CSEGSoft Eng/Prog IV
Vertenstein, Mariana CSEGSoft Eng/Prog IV
Oehmke, Robert CSEGSoft Eng/Prog IV
Fischer, Chris CSEGSoft Eng/Prog II
Dunlap, Rocky CSEGProj Mgr III
Turuncoglu, Ufuk CSEGSoft Eng/Prog III
Edwards, Jim CSEGSoft Eng/Prog IV
Thayer-Calder, Katherine CSEGSoft Eng/Prog II
Dobbins, Brian CSEGSoft Eng/Prog III
Pillai, Himanshu CSEGSoft Eng/Prog III
Koziol, Benjamin CSEGVisitor - Casual
White, Dan ISGSystems Adr II
O'Neill, Joseph ISGSoft Eng/Prog II
Johnson, Ryan ISGWeb Developer II
Dunaway, Greg ISGSystems Adr I
Lindsay, Keith OSProj Scientist III
Danabasoglu, Gokhan OSSr Scient Sect Head
Kleypas, Joanie OSSenior Scientist
Bryan, Frank OSSr Scient Sect Head
Levy, Michael OSSoft Eng/Prog III
Kauffman, Brian OSSoft Eng/Prog III
Yeager, Stephen OSProj Scientist III
Gent, Peter OSSr Res Assoc - CAS
Holland, Bill OSSr Res Assoc - CAS
Large, William OSSenior Scientist
Whitt, Daniel OSProj Scientist I
Small, Justin OSProj Scientist II
Long, Matthew OSScientist II
Castruccio, Frederic OSProj Scientist I
Bachman, Scott OSScientist II
Kim, Who OSProj Scientist I
Krumhardt, Kristen OSAssoc Scientist II
Moulton, Melissa OSProj Scientist I
Altuntas, Alper OSSoft Eng/Prog II
Marques, Gustavo OSProj Scientist I
Mongwe, Precious OSPostdoc Fellow II
Amodeo, Todd OSAdmin Assistant III
Cherian, Deepak OSProj Scientist I
Deppenmeier, Anna-Lena OSPostdoc Fellow II
Pinard, Alexander OSVisitor - Casual
Amrhein, Dan OSScientist I
Tomas, Robert PPCAssoc Scientist III
Brady, Esther PPCProj Scientist II
Otto-Bliesner, Bette PPCSr Scient Sect Head
Holland, Marika PPCSr Scient Sect Head
Bailey, David PPCAssoc Scientist IV
Lipscomb, William PPCSenior Scientist
Landrum, Laura PPCAssoc Scientist III
Zhu, Jiang PPCProj Scientist I
DuVivier, Alice PPCProj Scientist I
Leguy, Gunter PPCProj Scientist I
Kluzek, Erik TSSSoft Eng/Prog III
Lawrence, David TSSSr Scient Sect Head
Bonan, Gordon TSSSenior Scientist
Oleson, Keith TSSProj Scientist III
Swenson, Sean TSSProj Scientist II
Lawrence, Peter TSSProj Scientist II
Lombardozzi, Danica TSSProj Scientist II
Hartman, Melannie TSSCasual - Assoc Sci I/II
Wieder, Will TSSProj Scientist II
Shuman, Jacquelyn TSSProj Scientist I
Sobhani, Negin TSSSoft Eng/Prog II
Hamman, Joseph TSSProj Scientist I - NE

Quick Facts

NCAR is managed by the nonprofit University Corporation for Atmospheric Research on behalf of NSF and the UCAR university community.

  • NCAR is not a federal agency and its employees are not part of the federal personnel system.
  • Our activities complement those of the federal agencies and we work closely with them.

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