Office of The Chief Financial Officer

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Lab / Program Staff Directory (60)
Jamison, Amanda CFOController
Rooney, Christopher CFOAdministrator II
Cheeseman, Geoff CFODEPTUCAR Dir of Budget & Planning
Young, Justin CFODEPTChief Financial Officer
Paine, Steven CFODEPTTreasury Manager
Wilson, Corrin CFODEPTExecutive Asst I
Propes, Alison CONContracts Director
Zinsli, Diana CONPcard Specialist
Boone, Beth CONContracts Adr I
Lee, Justin CONLead Contracts Adr
Cross, Benjamin CONContracts Adr III
Hudson, Joshua CONContracts Adr II
Epley, Vicki CONProcurement Asst
Kaiser, Mary CONSubcontract/Procurement Mgr
Shrake, Nicole CONLead Contracts Adr
Khoury, Alia CONContracts Adr I
Thomas, Anna CONContracts Manager
Sharp, Kathie CONLead Contracts Adr
Tsuda, Thao CONContracts Adr II
Mason, Beth CONContracts Adr II
Pfenning, Carlene CONContracts Adr II
Wlodek, Alicja CONContracts Adr II
Honeman, Justin CONContracts Adr II
Dewantini, Demitria CONContracts Adr I
Zoet, Zac CONContracts Adr I
Painter, Abraham CONContracts Adr II
Loyd, Susan CONLead Contracts Adr
Jaret, Jessica CONContracts Adr I
Aeling, Laura CONAdmin Assistant III
Hurd, Matthew CONBuyer II
Boone, Amy FAAccountant II
Knoetgen, Chris FAAdmin Assistant III
Torrez, Judy FAAssistant Controller
McHugh, Toni FATravel Audit Spec III
Johnson, Ruth FAVisitor - Casual
Hulsing, Betsy FAProperty Admin
Moores, Jessica FATravel Audit Spec III
Burge, Daniel FAAdmin Assistant III
Williams, Kate FAAccountant III
Woelfel, Beverley FATravel Audit Spec III
Neph, David FAAccounts Payable Mgr
Parchman, Shelly FASenior Payroll Administrator
Price, Natalie FAAccountant III
Swearengin, Dominique FATravel Audit Spec III
Owen, Hannah FAAR/Ecommerce Admin
Dorji, Jigmei FAFinancial Analyst
Swartz, Stephen FAAcct Pay/Trav Lead
Lafferty, Tanya FAAccountant I
Welch, Erik FAAccountant I
Vargas Oviedo, Claudia FATravel Audit Spec III
Urbowicz, Nicole FAAccounting Tech II
Munaf, Saad FASystems Adr III
Krauss, Jeanne Marie FAAccountant III
Hibler, Varessa FAAccountant I
Lovell, Rebecca FPAAssistant Director, UCAR Financial Planning & Analysis
Albrecht, Tom FPABudget Analyst III
Lamkin, Carlos FPAData Analytics and Business Intelligence Analyst
Carter, Courtney FPABudget Analyst II
Nifoussi, David FPABudget Analyst II
Russo, Jack FPABudget Analyst II

Quick Facts

NCAR is managed by the nonprofit University Corporation for Atmospheric Research on behalf of NSF and the UCAR university community.

  • NCAR is not a federal agency and its employees are not part of the federal personnel system.
  • Our activities complement those of the federal agencies and we work closely with them.

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