Office of The Chief Operating Officer

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Staff Directory (211)
Agnona, Silvia CFODEPTBudget and Planning Integrator
Young, Justin CFODEPTDeputy CFO
Kunnemann, Tamara CFODEPTExecutive Asst I
Smith, Erika CFODEPTChief Financial Officer
Langemeier, Kelly CIODEPUTYProj Mgr II
Winkelman, Shawn CIODEPUTYProj Mgr III
Hoyer, Heather CIODEPUTYIT Change Management Lead
Koechel, Emily CIODEPUTYBus Intel Analyst
Hawk, Katie CIODEPUTYProj Mgr I
Tomsula, Liz CIODEPUTYAdministrator I
Propes, Alison CONContracts Director
Chamberlain, Peter CONLead Contracts Adr
Zinsli, Diana CONPcard Specialist
Gumbiner, Ann CONInterim Lead Contracts Adr
Lee, Justin CONContracts Adr II
Cross, Benjamin CONContracts Adr I
Hudson, Joshua CONContracts Adr II
Epley, Vicki CONProcurement Asst
Kaiser, Mary CONLead Contracts Adr
Shrake, Nicole CONContracts Adr II
Ringenbach, Pamela CONContracts Adr I
Khoury, Alia CONAdmin Assistant III
Thomas, Anna CONContracts Manager
Sharp, Kathie CONContracts Adr II
Tsuda, Thao CONContracts Adr I
Bayon, Christopher CONContracts Adr III
Passion, Cherie CONBuyer II
Mason, Beth CONContracts Adr II
Moulton, Denise COODEPTExecutive Asst II
Kepple, Tammy COODEPTAdmin Assistant II
Thomas, Cliff COODEPTEnterprise Risk Management Director
Richards, Sarah COODEPTInternal Auditor
Swofford, Alisha COODEPTDeputy Director UCAR Operations
Bauters, Jessica COODEPTWriter/Editor III
Wilcox, Alejandra COODEPTWriter/Editor II
Gallagher, Steve COODEPTUCAR Chief Operating Officer
Fredrick, Timothy CSPOSystems Adr IV
Hunsaker, Zachary CSPOSystems Security Eng II
Smith, Jason CSPOSystems Security Eng II
Webster, Simon CSPOSystems Security Eng II
Degnan, Amelia CSPOAdmin Assistant III
Barnes, Kellie CSPOWriter/Editor III
de Freitas, Tony CSPOProj Mgr II
Alipit, Jeff EIPWeb Engineer
Studwell, Gary EIPSystems Adr III
McDaniel, Erin EIPManager, Enterprise Infrastructure & Platforms
Daves, Joel EIPSystems Adr III
Buss, Peter EIPSystems Adr III
Wallis, Ramsey EIPSystems Adr III
Urist, Daniel EIPSystems Adr II
Tamagni, Andrew EIPSystems Adr III
Hoekstra, Matt EITDEPTUCP IT Lead
Spires, Katharyne EITDEPTExecutive Asst I
Madden, Greg EITDEPTChief Information Officer
Suren, Steven EITDEPTData Analytics and Business Intelligence Analyst
Weaver, Lori EITDEPTManager, User Experience & Support Services
Werner, Karl ESAManager, Enterprise Software & Applications
Harris, Heather ESASystems Adr IV
Srinivasan, Janaki ESASoft Eng/Prog III
Levy, Ilan ESASystems Adr III
Zhang, Susan ESASoft Eng/Prog III
Vanderheiden, Peter ESABusiness Applications Eng
Zhang, Cindy ESASoft Eng/Prog III
Schipper, Gail ESASoft Eng/Prog III
Adams, Lori ESASoft Eng/Prog II
Wild, Justin ESASenior Cloud Solutions Analyst
Fox, Alyssa ESACloud Solutions Analyst
Cozad, Dale ESASoft Eng/Prog III
Wang, Susan ESASoft Eng/Prog III
James, Carolyn ESACloud Solutions Analyst
Palmer, Brenda ESAQuality Assurance Test Eng
Letourneau, Naomi ESAApplications Support Specialist
Lyons, Natalie ESASenior HRIS Solutions Analyst
Ryan, Cathy EVENTSAdmin Assistant II
Lopez, Lazaro EVENTSAsst Chef
Pinter, Matthew EVENTSFood Svc Supv
Smith, Neelee EVENTSBanquet Captain
Portillo Barron, Fabian EVENTSFood Svc Support
Briski, Michael EVENTSFood Svc Supv
Cozad, Susan EVENTSFood Svc Generalist
Bottlemy, Nancy EVENTSFood Svc Supv
Ng, Sylvia EVENTSCatering Coordinator/Menu Planner
Boyington, Jasen FMADMINMaintenance & Facilities Services Operations Manager
Albright, Michael FMADMINDep Dir, Facilities Operations
Reid, Robert FMADMINFacility Mgt & SAS Dir
Modlin, Daniel FMADMINFacilities Project Manager
Walker, Angie FMADMINAdmin Assistant III
Patterson, David FMENGFAC Energy/Elec Eng, Eng Lead
Golden, Ken FMENGFacilities Engineer
Ulaszek, Rebecca FMENGFacilities Project Manager
Pene, Chrystal FPABudget Analyst I
Johnson, Ruth FPAVisitor - Casual
Lovell, Rebecca FPAMgr, UCAR Finan Plan & Analysis
Albrecht, Tom FPABudget Analyst III
Vasilyeva, Anna HESSHESS Specialist II
Wiley, Bob HESSHess Manager
Dudley, Clint HESSCasual - Other Clerical
Martinez, Susannah HESSHESS Technician
Herring, Matthew HESSHess Specialist
Breidegam, Jenna HESSFMSS Space Planning & Ergo Spec
Golden, Reva HESSHESS Specialist II
Calvin, Carlye HRCasual - Info Services
Montoya, Shonna HRSenior Immigration Specialist
Carr, Laurie HRSr HR Manager
Schalhamer, Randy HRTalent Acquisitions Mgr
Cordova, Tom HRSenior HR Partner
Hancock, Brianne HRSr Comp Analyst
Erwin, Lameece HREmployee Relations Mgr
Barker, Neil HRChief Human Resources Officer
Brundege, Sue HRSr Talent & Learning Dev Mgr
Duvall, Diona HRJr Recruiter
Damiani, Stefania HRAdmin Assistant III
Carlson, Kimberlee HRSr. Benefits Specialist
Duncan, Devon HRTalent & Learning Development Specialist
Leflore, Tanesia HRDeputy Director of Human Resources
Ash, Lori HRHR Generalist
Zioba, Al HRRecruiter
Dietrich, Alex HRProj Mgr II
Bello, Amy HRSenior Immigration Specialist
Garcia, Demi HRComp Analyst
Perman, Heidi HRSenior HR Strategic Partner - UCAR Community Program (UCP)
Campagnolo, Mary IAInternal Auditor
Cousins, Morgan LOGLogistics Ops Clerk II
Lujan, Joe LOGMgr Logistics Oper
Stanchfield, Todd LOGImport/Export Lead
Horvey, Bryan LOGLogistics Ops Clerk II
Sweet, Scott LOGLogistics Ops Clerk I
Cooper, Leonard MAINTAdministrator II
Kinn, Gordon MAINTLead Electric/Mech
White, Keith MAINTPainter
Miller, Shannon MAINTAdmin Assistant III
Heckel, David MAINTMaintenance Mechanical Lead
Bobillo, Serjio MAINTMaintenance Mech
Winterhalder, Thomas MAINTElectrician
Torrez, Martin MAINTGround Maintenance Lead
Torrez, Bert MAINTMaintenance Worker
Paulk, Jay MAINTElectrician
Cardarelli, Paul MAINTMaintenance Mech
Habegger, Christopher MAINTMaintenance Plumber
Garcia, Alexander MAINTMaintenance Worker
Harrower, Troy MAINTMaintenance Worker
Starling, Mark MAINTMaintenance Worker
Swearengin, Devon MAINTMaintenance Worker
Moua, Long NETSTechnician III
Meehl, Marla NETSMgr Hi Perf Network
Dial, Paul NETSNetwork Eng IV
Guastella, Susan NETSAdmin Assistant III
Green, Judy NETSCasual - Other Clerical
Martinez, Mikie NETSNetwork Eng I
Green, Belinda NETSBudget Analyst III
Siemsen, Pete NETSNetwork Eng IV
Shibao, Teresa NETSNetwork Eng IV
Cisneros, Armando NETSTechnician IV
Martinez, Jerome NETSTechnician IV
Colburn, Scot NETSNetwork Eng IV
Mumford, Richard NETSTechnician III
Guerrero, Fabian NETSNetwork Eng III
Hernandez, John NETSNetwork Eng IV
Anderson, Bryan NETSNetwork Eng II
Harris, Del NETSNetwork Eng IV
Rojas Torres, Carlos NETSNetwork Eng II
Adler, Matt NETSNetwork Eng III
Dobbins, Mason NETSStudent Asst II NE
Meyer, Jackson NETSStudent Asst II NE
Delany, Liam NETSTechnician I
Collins, Buddy NETSTechnician I
Baily, Scott NETSVisitor - Casual
Baca, Damien NETSStudent Visitor
Ling, Pam RISKInsurance Specialist
Garrison, Renate SSSite Svcs Coord
Lutzinger, Stephanie SSSecurity & Site Srvs Mgr
Wharton, Jan SSSite Svcs Coord
Van Sky, Karrey SSSite Svcs Coord
Bachman, Mary SSCasual - Admin/Cler I/II
Raizman, Dean SSSite Svcs Coord
Heath, Julie SSCasual - Admin/Cler I/II
Patton, Chris SSSr Tech Security Administrator
Castellano, Chelsea SUSTAINSustain Prog Spec
Bailey, Kirsten SUSTAINSustainability Coord
Boone, Amy TFAR/Ecommerce Admin
Knoetgen, Chris TFAdmin Assistant III
Torrez, Judy TFAssistant Controller
McHugh, Toni TFTravel Audit Spec III
Hulsing, Betsy TFProperty Admin
Palmer, Sherie TFTravel Audit Spec III
Moores, Jessica TFTravel Audit Spec III
August, Bridget TFAdmin Assistant III
Paine, Steven TFSenior Financial Analyst
Ayala, Linda TFAccountant I
Woelfel, Beverley TFTravel Audit Spec III
Neph, David TFAccounts Payable Mgr
Parchman, Shelly TFPayroll Admin
Price, Natalie TFAccountant III
Swearengin, Dominique TFAccounting Tech II
Ivey, Carolyn TFAccountant III
Erickson, Cornelia TFAccountant III
Willson, Frances TRANSPShuttle Driver
Caranci, Tony TRANSPCasual - Operative
Leach, James TRANSPShuttle Driver
West, Terry TRANSPShuttle Driver
Garrison, Kenneth TRANSPShuttle Driver
Falcon, Kristine TRANSPShuttle Driver
Hagen, Phillip TSTech Security Spec
Summers, Reed UESSMultimedia Tech
Martinez, Paul UESSMultimedia Tech
Batterman, Bret UESSMultimedia Tech
Estrada, Rudy UESSSystems Adr III
Tavarez, Kelvin UESSMultimedia Tech
Howard, Justin UESSSystems Adr I
Harris, Jade UESSHelp Desk Technician
Katz, Jason UESSSystems Adr II

Quick Facts

NCAR is managed by the nonprofit University Corporation for Atmospheric Research on behalf of NSF and the UCAR university community.

  • NCAR is not a federal agency and its employees are not part of the federal personnel system.
  • Our activities complement those of the federal agencies and we work closely with them.

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