Aviation Applications Program

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Division / Section Staff Directory (33)
Steiner, Matthias AAPSr Scient Sect Head
Dumont, Arnaud AAPSoft Eng/Prog IV
Sharman, Robert AAPProj Scientist IV
Goodrich, Lisa AAPProgrammer Tech
Deierling, Wiebke AAPProj Scientist II
Goodrich, Kent AAPCasual - Sci III/IV
Landolt, Scott AAPProj Scientist II
Lindholm, Tenny AAPCasual - Assoc Sci III/IV
Mccarthy, Paddy AAPSoft Eng/Prog III
Keller, Teddie AAPAssoc Scientist IV - NE
Craig, Jason AAPSoft Eng/Prog IV
Meymaris, Greg AAPSoft Eng/Prog III
Prestopnik, Paul AAPSoft Eng/Prog III
Pinto, James AAPProj Scientist III
Cornman, Larry AAPProj Scientist III
Gaydos, Andrew AAPSoft Eng/Prog III
Grim, Joe AAPProj Scientist II
Shin, Hyeyum (Hailey) AAPProj Scientist II
Kalb, Christina AAPAssoc Scientist III
Stone, Ken AAPProj Mgr III
Adriaansen, Daniel AAPAssoc Scientist IV
McCabe, George AAPSoft Eng/Prog III
Munoz-Esparza, Domingo AAPProj Scientist II
Rugg Stebbins, Alex AAPProj Scientist I
Lentz, Justin AAPAssoc Scientist II
Sauer, Jeremy AAPSoft Eng/Prog III
Jacobson, Darcy AAPAssoc Scientist III
Faber, Spencer AAPAssoc Scientist II
Wilson, Matthew AAPPostdoc Fellow I
Lave, Joshua AAPAssoc Scientist II
Hancock, Jeff AAPSoft Eng/Prog III
Blitz, Thomas AAPProj Mgr I
Augenstein, Melanie AAPStudent Assistant II - Meteorological Sensor Support

Quick Facts

NCAR is managed by the nonprofit University Corporation for Atmospheric Research on behalf of NSF and the UCAR university community.

  • NCAR is not a federal agency and its employees are not part of the federal personnel system.
  • Our activities complement those of the federal agencies and we work closely with them.

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