Cooperative Programs for the Advancement of Earth System Science

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Division / Section Staff Directory (149)
Sizer, Tania CPAESSWeb Developer III
Tedesco, Kathy CPAESSCPO Prog Mgr
Allen, David CPAESSProg Spec IV
Mauriello, Hanne CPAESSCenter Director
Vahlenkamp, Hans CPAESSSoft Eng/Prog III
McCambridge, Michelle CPAESSMtg Planner III
Michalakes, John CPAESSSoft Eng/Prog IV
Soisuvarn, Seubson CPAESSProj Scientist I
Bruyere, Cindy CPAESSCPAESS Deputy Director
Nair, Ram CPAESSProj Scientist III
Lackey, Katherine CPAESSCasual - Admin/Cler III
Jelenak, Zorana CPAESSProj Scientist III
Bekele, Endalkachew CPAESSAssoc Scientist IV
Morin, Matthew CPAESSAssoc Scientist III
Ulate, Marcela CPAESSProj Scientist I
Penny, Andrew CPAESSAssoc Scientist IV
Patterson, Mike CPAESSClivar Proj Dir
Klockow McClain, Kim CPAESSSr Research Scientist
Jacobs, Neil CPAESSChief Science Advisor
Stern, Daniel CPAESSProj Scientist I
Lu, Feiyu CPAESSProj Scientist II
Dussin, Raphael CPAESSAssoc Scientist IV
Singh, Bohar CPAESSAssoc Scientist III
Xiang, Baoqiang CPAESSProj Scientist III
McCreight, James CPAESSSoft Eng/Prog III
Han, Weiguo CPAESSProj Scientist III
Varuolo-Clarke, Arianna CPAESSPostdoc Fellow I
Jeong, Inseong CPAESSProj Scientist II
Barfield, Amy CPAESSProg Spec II
Heinzeller, Dom CPAESSResearch Scientist III - CS
Harp, Ryan CPAESSPostdoc Researcher
Robinson, Scott CPAESSAdmin Assistant III
Adams-Smith, Dennis CPAESSSoft Eng/Prog IV
Dawson, Eliza CPAESSNOAA Climate & Global Change Postdoctoral Fellowship
Alland, Joshua CPAESSAssoc Scientist IV
Wills, Samantha CPAESSProg Spec III
Alvich, Jason CPAESSSoft Eng/Prog III
Bernardez, Miguel CPAESSPostdoc Researcher
Sharon, Tarah CPAESSAssoc Scientist IV
Benson, David CPAESSProg Spec III
Mullally, Dawn CPAESSWriter/Editor III
Potkay, Aaron CPAESSPostdoc Fellow I
Booth, William CPAESSAssoc Scientist IV
Hahn, Lily CPAESSPostdoc Fellow I
Dong, Wenhao CPAESSProj Scientist II
Gibney, Ethan CPAESSAssoc Scientist IV
Trabing, Ben CPAESSAssoc Scientist III
Zhang, Liping CPAESSProj Scientist III
Rabenold, Christa CPAESSWriter/Editor III
Gulbraa, Rachel CPAESSWriter/Editor III
Zhu, Qindan CPAESSPostdoc Fellow II
Johnston, Benjamin CPAESSProj Scientist I
Malasala, Murali Nageswara Rao CPAESSAssoc Scientist II
Mueller, Mike CPAESSProj Scientist I
Velissariou, Panagiotis CPAESSAssoc Scientist III
Wang, He CPAESSProj Scientist II
Weisshaar, Chad CPAESSSoft Eng/Prog III
Cannistraci, Alyssa CPAESSProg Spec II
Hodge, Lynne CPAESSAssoc Scientist I
Ridener, Christopher CPAESSAssoc Scientist II
Zinkann, Ann-Christine CPAESSProg Spec III
Witkowski, Courtney CPAESSProg Spec III
Fischer, Alexis CPAESSAssoc Scientist II
Meyer, Alex CPAESSGraphic Artist II
Jones, Jhordanne CPAESSPostdoc Fellow II
Bey, Genie CPAESSProg Spec II
Avila, Lixion CPAESSCasual - Admin/Cler III
Catron, Amanda CPAESSProg Spec II
Recalde, Gloria CPAESSAssoc Scientist II
Das, Shiv CPAESSProg Spec III
Goldsmith, Kaity CPAESSProg Spec III
Rodd, Kate CPAESSProg Spec II
Cortes-Hernandez, Luis CPAESSProg Spec II
Puritz, Alexandra CPAESSProg Spec III
Marranzino, Ashley CPAESSAssoc Scientist III
Reno, Michael CPAESSSoft Eng/Prog III
Costley, Maggie CPAESSMtg Planner II
Anderson, Talia CPAESSNOAA Climate & Global Change Postdoctoral Fellowship
Prend, Channing CPAESSPostdoc Fellow II
Vargas Gutierrez, German CPAESSPostdoc Fellow II
Liu, Tina CPAESSPostdoc Fellow II
Rabern, Shelley CPAESSMtg Planner II
Ranganathan, Meghana CPAESSPostdoc Fellow II
Cribelli, Rebecca CPAESSAdmin Assistant II
Deck, Clara CPAESSWriter/Editor II
Cooper, Patrick CPAESSAI Architect
Herring, Sarah CPAESSAdmin Assistant II
Bonelli, Wes CPAESSSoft Eng/Prog III
Martinez, Jessica CPAESSMtg Planner II
Correll, Akio CPAESSEducational Designer III
Dhavale, Shreyas CPAESSPredoctoral Fellow I - NE
Garrison, Jessica CPAESSProg Spec I
Walters, Grant CPAESSSr Learning & Development Advisor
Gregory, Alison CPAESSProg Spec III
Fong, Jennifer CPAESSProg Spec III
Spear, Aiyana CPAESSProg Spec I
Flynt, Bryan CPAESSSoft Eng/Prog IV
Miller, Nicole CPAESSProg Spec III
Larkin-Swartout, Alyse CPAESSProg Spec III
Casey, Sean CPAESSProj Scientist II
Roy, Tori CPAESSProg Spec I
Nelson, Connor CPAESSProj Scientist I
Solner, Keri Dawn CPAESSMtg Planner II
Singer, Clare CPAESSPostdoc Fellow I
Rossi, Elizabeth CPAESSGraphic Artist II
Groves, Sarah CPAESSAssoc Scientist III
Jarolim, Robert CPAESSPostdoc Fellow I
Wright Fairbanks, Liza CPAESSProg Spec III
Hossen, Jakir CPAESSProj Scientist I
Applegate, Jim CPAESSWeb Developer III
Kelp, Makoto CPAESSPostdoc Fellow I
Dove, Lily CPAESSPostdoc Fellow I
Vogt-Vincent, Noam CPAESSPostdoc Fellow I
Rattanasriampaipong, Ronnie CPAESSPostdoc Fellow I
Zhang, Peijin CPAESSPostdoc Fellow I
Kansabanik, Devojyoti CPAESSPostdoc Fellow I
Waterfall, Charlotte CPAESSPostdoc Fellow I
Lin, Mei-Yun CPAESSPostdoc Fellow I
Johnson, Alyssa CPAESSProg Spec II
McCracken, Natasha CPAESSWeb Developer II
Davis, Kelly CPAESSProg Spec II
Knisely, Joseph CPAESSPredoctoral Fellow I - NE
Faber, Emily CPAESSPredoctoral Fellow I - NE
Brannan, Allie CPAESSAssoc Scientist III
Hsu, Ango CPAESSAssoc Scientist IV
Vidal Urbina, Andres CPAESSSoft Eng/Prog III
Apala Flaherty, Willie CPAESSSoft Eng/Prog III
Andonian, Alexandria CPAESSAssoc Scientist III
Dean, Kate CPAESSEducational Designer I
Rountree, Emily CPAESSProg Spec II
Parsley, Kerri CPAESSAdmin Assistant II
Carn, Levin CPAESSSystems Adr III
Balotin, Lauren CPAESSProg Spec II
Pruzinsky, Nina CPAESSProg Spec II
Lau, Alice CPAESSProg Spec II
Dines, Grace CPAESSAssoc Scientist II
Segele, Zewdu CPAESSProj Scientist II
Hiatt, Melissa CPAESSWeb Developer II
Phillips, Jean CPAESSCasual - Writer/Editor II
Gwinn, Jessica CPAESSProg Spec III
Stein, Rebekah CPAESSProg Spec II
Kowal, Katie CPAESSAssoc Scientist III
Zhang, Yang CPAESS2024 Jack Eddy Postdoctoral Fellowship
Younas, Waqar CPAESS2024 Jack Eddy Postdoctoral Fellowship
Li, Yaowei CPAESSNOAA Climate & Global Change Postdoctoral Fellowship
Stores, Morgan CPAESS2024 Jack Eddy Postdoctoral Fellowship
Mayank, Prateek CPAESS2024 Jack Eddy Postdoctoral Fellowship
Kumar, Sunil CPAESS2024 Jack Eddy Postdoctoral Fellowship
Mackay, Alex CPAESSProg Spec II

Quick Facts

NCAR is managed by the nonprofit University Corporation for Atmospheric Research on behalf of NSF and the UCAR university community.

  • NCAR is not a federal agency and its employees are not part of the federal personnel system.
  • Our activities complement those of the federal agencies and we work closely with them.

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