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Lab / Program Staff Directory (133)
Sizer, Tania CPAESSWeb Developer III
Tedesco, Kathy CPAESSCPO Prog Mgr
Allen, David CPAESSProg Spec III
Mauriello, Hanne CPAESSCenter Director
Chen, Jan-Huey CPAESSProj Scientist II
Funakoshi, Yuji CPAESSProj Scientist I
Vahlenkamp, Hans CPAESSSoft Eng/Prog III
McCambridge, Michelle CPAESSMtg Planner III
Michalakes, John CPAESSSoft Eng/Prog IV
Soisuvarn, Seubson CPAESSProj Scientist I
Bruyere, Cindy CPAESSCPAESS Deputy Director
Nair, Ram CPAESSProj Scientist III
Lackey, Katherine CPAESSCasual - Admin/Cler III
Skumanich, Marina CPAESSProg Spec III
Jelenak, Zorana CPAESSProj Scientist III
Cummings, Donna CPAESSBudget Analyst I
Cross, Julie CPAESSBudget Analyst III
Zhou, Xiaqiong CPAESSAssoc Scientist III
Biratu, Endalkachew CPAESSAssoc Scientist III
Morin, Matthew CPAESSAssoc Scientist III
Ulate, Marcela CPAESSProj Scientist I
Penny, Andrew CPAESSAssoc Scientist IV
Hildebrand, Edward CPAESSAssoc Scientist IV
Patterson, Mike CPAESSClivar Proj Dir
Shukla, Ravi CPAESSAssoc Scientist II
Malmberg, Julie CPAESSLearning & Development Officer
Jacobs, Neil CPAESSChief Science Advisor
Shrestha, Gyami CPAESSProg Spec IV
Robinson, Whitney CPAESSAdministrator II
Alaka, Laura CPAESSAssoc Scientist IV
Chaisitti, Tanya CPAESSBudget Analyst II
Stern, Daniel CPAESSProj Scientist I
Youngs, Madeleine CPAESSPostdoc Fellow II
Jia, Liwei CPAESSProj Scientist II
Dussin, Raphael CPAESSAssoc Scientist III
Xiang, Baoqiang CPAESSProj Scientist III
Rosati, Anthony CPAESSGFDL Scientist
McCreight, James CPAESSSoft Eng/Prog III
Han, Weiguo CPAESSProj Scientist III
Bushuk, Mitchell CPAESSProj Scientist I
Jeong, Inseong CPAESSProj Scientist II
Guerra, Jorge CPAESSProj Scientist I
Thomas, Matthew CPAESSAssoc Scientist III
Beadling, Rebecca CPAESSPostdoc Fellow II
Jenney, Andrea CPAESSPostdoc Fellow II
Fajber, Robert CPAESSPostdoc Fellow II
Robinson, Scott CPAESSAdmin Assistant II
Adams-Smith, Dennis CPAESSSoft Eng/Prog IV
Rao, Mukund Palat CPAESSPostdoc Fellow II
Alland, Joshua CPAESSAssoc Scientist III
Dong, Yue CPAESSPostdoc Fellow I
Kukla, Tyler CPAESSNOAA Climate & Global Change Postdoctoral Fellowship
Kim, Hae-Cheol CPAESSAssoc Scientist III
Jin, Xiaomeng CPAESSPostdoc Fellow II
Alvich, Jason CPAESSSoft Eng/Prog III
Murakami, Hiroyuki CPAESSProj Scientist II
Sharon, Tarah CPAESSAssoc Scientist IV
Benson, David CPAESSProg Spec III
Mullally, Dawn CPAESSWriter/Editor III
Booth, William CPAESSAssoc Scientist IV
Dong, Wenhao CPAESSProj Scientist I
Agyakwah, William CPAESSAssoc Scientist II
Gibney, Ethan CPAESSAssoc Scientist IV
Zhang, Liping CPAESSProj Scientist II
Rabenold, Christa CPAESSWriter/Editor III
Gulbraa, Rachel CPAESSWriter/Editor III
Cervantes, Mary Anne CPAESSAdmin Assistant II
Menzel, Raymond CPAESSSoft Eng/Prog III
Zhu, Qindan CPAESSNOAA Climate & Global Change Postdoctoral Fellowship
Drake, Henri CPAESSPostdoc Fellow I
Pitlick, John CPAESSCasual - Sci III/IV
Kaltenbaugh, Alex CPAESSAssoc Scientist I
Johnston, Benjamin CPAESSProj Scientist I
Khazaei, Bahram CPAESSAssoc Scientist III
Malasala, Murali Nageswara Rao CPAESSAssoc Scientist I
Mueller, Mike CPAESSProj Scientist I
Velissariou, Panagiotis CPAESSAssoc Scientist III
McCoy, Isabel CPAESSPostdoc Fellow II
Whitney, Nina CPAESSPostdoc Fellow II
Thapa, Uday CPAESSPostdoc Fellow II
Goodwin, Lindsay CPAESSPostdoc Fellow II
Ho, Lisa CPAESSSoft Eng/Prog III
Wang, He CPAESSProj Scientist II
Scolini, Camilla CPAESSPostdoc Fellow II
Weisshaar, Chad CPAESSSoft Eng/Prog III
Hodge, Lynne CPAESSAssoc Scientist I
Ridener, Christopher CPAESSAssoc Scientist II
Stienbarger, Cheyenne CPAESSProg Spec III
Zinkann, Ann-Christine CPAESSProg Spec III
Koch, Heather CPAESSAdministrator I
Roberti, Gina CPAESSBudget Analyst III
Frouin-Mouy, Heloise CPAESSPostdoc Researcher
Cochran, Courtney CPAESSProg Spec III
Fischer, Alexis CPAESSAssoc Scientist II
Coakley, Sam CPAESSProg Spec II
Meyer, Alex CPAESSGraphic Artist II
Jones, Jhordanne CPAESSNOAA Climate & Global Change Postdoctoral Fellowship
Algarin, Jose CPAESSProg Spec II
Zabow, Morgan CPAESSProg Spec II
Bey, Genie CPAESSProg Spec II
Avila, Lixion CPAESSCasual - Admin/Cler III
McCulloch, Lindsay CPAESSPostdoc Fellow I
Uhlig, Kelley CPAESSProg Spec II
Holcomb, Karen CPAESSPostdoc Researcher
Speciale, Amanda CPAESSProg Spec II
Wortham, Barbara CPAESSPostdoc Fellow I
Hupp, Brittany CPAESSPostdoc Fellow I
Recalde, Gloria CPAESSAssoc Scientist II
Das, Shiv CPAESSProg Spec II
Williams, Leticia CPAESSProg Spec III
Siegel, Katherine CPAESSPostdoc Fellow I
Goldsmith, Kaity CPAESSProg Spec III
Graddy, Cynthia CPAESSMtg Planner III
Cortes-Hernandez, Luis CPAESSProg Spec I
Larocca, Laura CPAESSPostdoc Fellow I
Hartmeyer, Philip CPAESSAssoc Scientist III
Puritz, Alexandra CPAESSProg Spec III
Shub, Alec CPAESSProg Spec II
Marranzino, Ashley CPAESSAssoc Scientist III
Reno, Michael CPAESSSoft Eng/Prog III
Costley, Maggie CPAESSMtg Planner II
Wheeler, Kathryn CPAESSNOAA Climate & Global Change Postdoctoral Fellowship
Prend, Channing CPAESSNOAA Climate & Global Change Postdoctoral Fellowship
Vargas Gutierrez, German CPAESSNOAA Climate & Global Change Postdoctoral Fellowship
Liu, Tina CPAESSNOAA Climate & Global Change Postdoctoral Fellowship
Rabern, Shelley CPAESSMtg Planner II
Ranganathan, Meghana CPAESSNOAA Climate & Global Change Postdoctoral Fellowship
Rehme, Leanne CPAESSMtg Planner II
Cribelli, Rebecca CPAESSAdmin Assistant II
Deck, Clara CPAESSWriter/Editor II
Cooper, Patrick CPAESSAI Architect
Herring, Sarah CPAESSAdmin Assistant II
Bonelli, Wes CPAESSSoft Eng/Prog II

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NCAR is managed by the nonprofit University Corporation for Atmospheric Research on behalf of NSF and the UCAR university community.

  • NCAR is not a federal agency and its employees are not part of the federal personnel system.
  • Our activities complement those of the federal agencies and we work closely with them.

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