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Lab / Program Staff Directory (117)
Sizer, Tania CPAESSWeb Developer III
Tedesco, Kathy CPAESSCPO Prog Mgr
Allen, David CPAESSProg Spec III
Mauriello, Hanne CPAESSCenter Director
Chen, Jan-Huey CPAESSProj Scientist II
Funakoshi, Yuji CPAESSProj Scientist I
Vahlenkamp, Hans CPAESSSoft Eng/Prog III
McCambridge, Michelle CPAESSMtg Planner III
Michalakes, John CPAESSSoft Eng/Prog IV
Soisuvarn, Seubson CPAESSProj Scientist I
Nair, Ram CPAESSProj Scientist III
Lackey, Katherine CPAESSCasual - Admin/Cler III
Eicher, Kelley CPAESSSoft Eng/Prog III
Skumanich, Marina CPAESSProg Spec III
Jelenak, Zorana CPAESSProj Scientist III
Cummings, Donna CPAESSAdmin Assistant III
Cross, Julie CPAESSBudget Analyst III
Zhou, Xiaqiong CPAESSAssoc Scientist III
Biratu, Endalkachew CPAESSAssoc Scientist III
Morin, Matthew CPAESSAssoc Scientist III
Ulate, Marcela CPAESSScientific Visitor
Greb, Kendra CPAESSAdministrator II
Penny, Andrew CPAESSScientific Visitor
Hildebrand, Edward CPAESSAssoc Scientist IV
Patterson, Mike CPAESSClivar Proj Dir
Shukla, Ravi CPAESSAssoc Scientist II
Malmberg, Julie CPAESSLearning & Development Officer
Shrestha, Gyami CPAESSProg Spec IV
Robinson, Whitney CPAESSAdministrator II
Alaka, Laura CPAESSAssoc Scientist IV
Stern, Daniel CPAESSProj Scientist I
Youngs, Madeleine CPAESSNOAA Climate and Global Change Postdoc Fellow II
Jia, Liwei CPAESSProj Scientist I
Dussin, Raphael CPAESSAssoc Scientist III
Xiang, Baoqiang CPAESSProj Scientist II
Rosati, Anthony CPAESSGFDL Scientist
Han, Weiguo CPAESSProj Scientist II
Bushuk, Mitchell CPAESSProj Scientist I
Jeong, Inseong CPAESSProj Scientist II
Thomas, Matthew CPAESSAssoc Scientist III
Beadling, Rebecca CPAESSNOAA Climate & Global Change Postdoctoral Fellow II
Jenney, Andrea CPAESSNOAA Climate & Global Change Postdoc Fellow II
Qin, Murong CPAESSPostdoc Fellow II
Fajber, Robert CPAESSNOAA Climate & Global Change Postdoctoral Fellow II
Adams-Smith, Dennis CPAESSSoft Eng/Prog IV
Rao, Mukund Palat CPAESSNOAA Climate & Global Change Postdoctoral Fellow
Alland, Joshua CPAESSAssoc Scientist III
Dong, Yue CPAESSPostdoc Fellow I
Kim, Hae-Cheol CPAESSAssoc Scientist III
Jin, Xiaomeng CPAESSPostdoc Fellow II
Allen, Heidi CPAESSMtg Planner II
Alvich, Jason CPAESSSoft Eng/Prog III
Bath, Sean CPAESSProg Spec III
Murakami, Hiroyuki CPAESSProj Scientist II
Sharon, Tarah CPAESSAssoc Scientist IV
Mullally, Dawn CPAESSWriter/Editor II
Booth, William CPAESSAssoc Scientist IV
Nelson, Maureen CPAESSBusiness Mgr
Dong, Wenhao CPAESSProj Scientist I
Agyakwah, William CPAESSAssoc Scientist II
Gibney, Ethan CPAESSAssoc Scientist IV
Zhu, Jennie CPAESSProg Spec II
Lalime, Michael CPAESSAssoc Scientist III
Zhang, Liping CPAESSProj Scientist II
Rabenold, Christa CPAESSWriter/Editor III
Gulbraa, Rachel CPAESSWriter/Editor III
Menzel, Raymond CPAESSSoft Eng/Prog III
Milinski, Sebastian CPAESSNOAA Climate & Global Change Postdoctoral Fellow
Drake, Henri CPAESSNOAA Climate & Global Change Postdoctoral Fellow
Pitlick, John CPAESSCasual - Sci III/IV
Kaltenbaugh, Alex CPAESSAssoc Scientist I
Malasala, Murali Nageswara Rao CPAESSAssoc Scientist I
Mueller, Mike CPAESSProj Scientist I
Velissariou, Panagiotis CPAESSAssoc Scientist III
Burnett, Zachary CPAESSAssoc Scientist II
McCoy, Isabel CPAESSNOAA Climate & Global Change Postdoctoral Fellow II
Whitney, Nina CPAESSNOAA Climate & Global Change Postdoc Fellow II
Thapa, Uday CPAESSNOAA Climate & Global Change Postdoctoral Fellow II
Goodwin, Lindsay CPAESSJack Eddy Postdoc Fellow II
Breeze, Victoria CPAESSWriter/Editor II
Ho, Lisa CPAESSSoft Eng/Prog III
Wang, He CPAESSProj Scientist II
Scolini, Camilla CPAESSJack Eddy Postdoctoral Fellow II
Weisshaar, Chad CPAESSSoft Eng/Prog II
Hodge, Lynne CPAESSAssoc Scientist I
Ridener, Christopher CPAESSAssoc Scientist II
Stienbarger, Cheyenne CPAESSProg Spec II
Zinkann, Ann-Christine CPAESSProg Spec III
Koch, Heather CPAESSAdministrator I
Roberti, Gina CPAESSBudget Analyst II
Frouin-Mouy, Heloise CPAESSPostdoc Researcher
Pavilanis, Catherine CPAESSMtg Planner II
Cochran, Courtney CPAESSProg Spec III
Fischer, Alexis CPAESSAssoc Scientist II
Meyer, Alex CPAESSCasual - Info Svcs Tech
Manougian, Phil CPAESSAssoc Scientist III
Horns, Ryan CPAESSScience Communications Lead
Algarin, Jose CPAESSProg Spec II
Zabow, Morgan CPAESSProg Spec II
Bey, Genie CPAESSProg Spec II
Avila, Lixion CPAESSCasual - Admin/Cler III
McCulloch, Lindsay CPAESSNOAA Climate & Global Change Postdoctoral Fellow
Uhlig, Kelley CPAESSProg Spec II
Holcomb, Karen CPAESSPostdoc Researcher
Speciale, Amanda CPAESSProg Spec II
Wortham, Barbara CPAESSNOAA Climate & Global Change Postdoctoral Fellow
Hupp, Brittany CPAESSNOAA Climate & Global Change Postdoctoral Fellow
Recalde, Gloria CPAESSAssoc Scientist II
Das, Shiv CPAESSProg Spec II
Williams, Leticia CPAESSProg Spec III
Siegel, Katherine CPAESSNOAA Climate & Global Change Postdoctoral Fellow
Goldsmith, Kaity CPAESSProg Spec III
Graddy, Cynthia CPAESSMtg Planner III
Cortes-Hernandez, Luis CPAESSProg Spec I
Larocca, Laura CPAESSPostdoc Fellow I
Hartmeyer, Philip CPAESSAssoc Scientist III
Puritz, Alexandra CPAESSProg Spec III

Quick Facts

NCAR is managed by the nonprofit University Corporation for Atmospheric Research on behalf of NSF and the UCAR university community.

  • NCAR is not a federal agency and its employees are not part of the federal personnel system.
  • Our activities complement those of the federal agencies and we work closely with them.

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