Enterprise Information Technology

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Lab / Program Staff Directory (76)
Langemeier, Kelly CIODEPUTYProj Mgr II
Winkelman, Shawn CIODEPUTYSenior Projects Lead
Hoyer, Heather CIODEPUTYIT Change Management Lead
Koechel, Emily CIODEPUTYBus Intel Analyst
Hawk, Katie CIODEPUTYProj Mgr I
Tomsula, Liz CIODEPUTYAdministrator I
Fredrick, Timothy CSPOManager, Office of Information Security
Hunsaker, Zachary CSPOSystems Security Eng II
Smith, Jason CSPOSystems Security Eng II
Webster, Simon CSPOSystems Security Eng II
Degnan, Amelia CSPOAdmin Assistant III
Barnes, Kellie CSPOWriter/Editor III
de Freitas, Tony CSPOProj Mgr II
Alipit, Jeff EIPWeb Engineer
Studwell, Gary EIPSystems Adr III
McDaniel, Erin EIPManager, Enterprise Infrastructure & Platforms
Daves, Joel EIPSystems Adr III
Buss, Peter EIPSystems Adr III
Wallis, Ramsey EIPSystems Adr III
Urist, Daniel EIPSystems Adr II
Tamagni, Andrew EIPSystems Adr III
Spires, Katharyne EITDEPTExecutive Asst I
Madden, Greg EITDEPTChief Information Officer
Suren, Steven EITDEPTData Analytics and Business Intelligence Analyst
Weaver, Lori EITDEPTManager, User Experience & Support Services
Werner, Karl ESAManager, Enterprise Software & Applications
Harris, Heather ESASystems Adr IV
Srinivasan, Janaki ESASoft Eng/Prog III
Levy, Ilan ESASystems Adr III
Zhang, Susan ESASoft Eng/Prog III
Vanderheiden, Peter ESABusiness Applications Eng
Zhang, Cindy ESASoft Eng/Prog III
Schipper, Gail ESASoft Eng/Prog III
Adams, Lori ESASoftware Eng/Prog II
Wild, Justin ESASenior Cloud Solutions Analyst
Fox, Alyssa ESACloud Solutions Analyst
Cozad, Dale ESASoft Eng/Prog III
Wang, Susan ESASoft Eng/Prog III
James, Carolyn ESACloud Solutions Analyst
Palmer, Brenda ESAQuality Assurance Test Eng
Letourneau, Naomi ESAApplications Support Specialist
Lyons, Natalie ESASenior HRIS Solutions Analyst
Moua, Long NETSTechnician III
Meehl, Marla NETSMgr Hi Perf Network
Dial, Paul NETSNetwork Eng IV
Guastella, Susan NETSAdmin Assistant III
Green, Judy NETSCasual - Other Clerical
Martinez, Mikie NETSNetwork Eng I
Green, Belinda NETSBudget Analyst III
Siemsen, Pete NETSNetwork Eng IV
Shibao, Teresa NETSNetwork Eng IV
Cisneros, Armando NETSTechnician IV
Martinez, Jerome NETSTechnician IV
Colburn, Scot NETSNetwork Eng IV
Mumford, Richard NETSTechnician III
Guerrero, Fabian NETSNetwork Eng III
Hernandez, John NETSNetwork Eng IV
Anderson, Bryan NETSNetwork Eng II
Harris, Del NETSNetwork Eng IV
Rojas Torres, Carlos NETSNetwork Eng II
Adler, Matt NETSNetwork Eng III
Delany, Liam NETSTechnician I
Collins, Buddy NETSNetwork Technician I
Baily, Scott NETSVisitor - Casual
Baca, Damien NETSStudent Visitor
Brooks, Hunter NETSStudent Visitor
Burge, Daniel UESSHelp Desk Technician
Summers, Reed UESSMultimedia Tech
Martinez, Paul UESSMultimedia Tech
Batterman, Bret UESSMultimedia Tech
Estrada, Rudy UESSSystems Adr III
Tavarez, Kelvin UESSMultimedia Tech
Dobbins, Mason UESSHelp Desk Technician II
Katz, Jason UESSSystems Adr II
Rodman, Will UESSHelp Desk Technician
Rhodes, Westley UESSHelp Desk Technician II

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NCAR is managed by the nonprofit University Corporation for Atmospheric Research on behalf of NSF and the UCAR university community.

  • NCAR is not a federal agency and its employees are not part of the federal personnel system.
  • Our activities complement those of the federal agencies and we work closely with them.

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