Facilities Management

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Lab / Program Staff Directory (65)
Ryan, Cathy EVENTSAdmin Assistant II
Lopez, Lazaro EVENTSAsst Chef
Martinez, Brian EVENTSAsst Chef
Portillo Barron, Fabian EVENTSFood Svc Support
Freeman, Mary EVENTSCasual - Service Workers
Jess, Spencer EVENTSFood Svc Generalist
Cozad, Susan EVENTSFood Svc Generalist
Lamb, Zach EVENTSDishwasher
Montelongo, Josue EVENTSAsst Chef
Daskam, Jeff EVENTSEvents Svcs Mgr
Espinosa, David EVENTSFood Svc Supv
Fernandez, Daniel EVENTSFood Svc Supv
Samide, Liah EVENTSCatering Coordinator/Menu Planner
Burkart, Stephanie EVENTSDishwasher
Crescenzo, Chelsey EVENTSBanquet Captain
Max, Lauren EVENTSCook
Henkels, Jeff EVENTSEvent Services Lead
Albright, Michael FMADMINDep Dir, Facilities Operations
Reid, Robert FMADMINFacility Mgt & SAS Dir
Walker, Angie FMADMINAdministrator I
Patterson, David FMENGFAC Energy/Elec Eng, Eng Lead
Breidegam, Jenna FMENGFacilities Project Manager
Modlin, Daniel FMENGFacilities Project Manager
Ulaszek, Rebecca FMENGFacilities Project Manager
Sheppy, Mike FMENGFacilities Engineer
Cousins, Morgan LOGLogistics Ops Clerk II
Lujan, Joe LOGMgr Logistics Oper
Stanchfield, Todd LOGImport/Export Lead
Horvey, Bryan LOGLogistics Ops Clerk II
Campos, Sarah LOGLogistics Ops Clerk II
Cooper, Leonard MAINTAdministrator II
Miller, Shannon MAINTAdmin Assistant III
Bobillo, Serjio MAINTMaintenance Mech
Winterhalder, Thomas MAINTElectrician II
Boyington, Jasen MAINTMaintenance & Facilities Services Operations Manager
Torrez, Martin MAINTGround Maintenance Lead
Torrez, Bert MAINTMaintenance Worker I
Paulk, Jay MAINTElectrician I
Cardarelli, Paul MAINTMaintenance Mech
Habegger, Christopher MAINTMaintenance Plumber
Steele, Christopher MAINTBuilding Automation Controls Specialist
Garcia, Alexander MAINTMaintenance Worker I
Starling, Mark MAINTMaintenance Worker II
Piper, Ryan MAINTPainter
Melani, Ethan MAINTMaintenance Worker I
Aucone, Michael MAINTMaintenance Worker I
Pinteric, Joe MAINTMaintenance Mech
Welsh, Nick MAINTElectrician I
Garrison, Renate SSSite Svcs Coord
Van Sky, Karrey SSSite Svcs Coord
Raizman, Dean SSSite Svcs Coord
Johnson, Silvia SSAdministrator I
Bush, Anabel SSSite Svcs Coord
Rodriguez, Aaron SSSite Svcs Coord
Russell, Fred SSSecurity & Site Srvs Mgr
Bailey, Kirsten SUSTAINSustainability Coordinator II
Wurzel, Michael SUSTAINSustainability Manager
Willson, Frances TRANSPShuttle Driver
Leach, James TRANSPShuttle Driver
West, Terry TRANSPShuttle Driver
Garrison, Kenneth TRANSPShuttle Driver
Sandoval, Randy TRANSPCasual - Operative
Sigman, Jack TRANSPShuttle Driver
Patton, Chris TSSr Tech Security Administrator
Chestnut, Wayne TSTech Security Spec

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NCAR is managed by the nonprofit University Corporation for Atmospheric Research on behalf of NSF and the UCAR university community.

  • NCAR is not a federal agency and its employees are not part of the federal personnel system.
  • Our activities complement those of the federal agencies and we work closely with them.

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