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Lab / Program Staff Directory (124)
Froehlich, Ben AEEngineer II
Proulx, Edward AEPilot
Brown, William APGProj Scientist II
Verstraete, Louis APGCasual - Eng Tech
Storm, Joshua APGTechnician II
Raizman, Samuel APGEngineer I
Vigil, Antonio APGTechnician II
Wolff, Cory APOProj Mgr II
Romashkin, Pavel APOProj Mgr II
Tsai, Peisang APOProj Mgr I
Schwenz, Karl DFSMachine Shop Supv
Bobka, Jeffery DFSCasual - Technician IV
Grow, Vince DFSInstrument Maker II
Foote, Bradley DFSTech Inventory Coord
Smith, Steven DFSInstrument Maker II
Bernatsky, Todd DFSEngineer III
Seger, Tim DFSInstrument Maker II
Landis, Audrey DFSEngineer I
Coad, Cara DFSEngineer IV
Scannell, Janet DMSSoft Eng/Prog III - NE
Cully, Linda DMSSoft Eng/Prog IV
Stringer, Susan DMSSoft Eng/Prog III
Stossmeister, Greg DMSCasual - Assoc Sci III/IV
Allison, John DMSSoft Eng/Prog IV
Loehrer, Scot DMSAssoc Scientist III
Echo-Hawk, Linda DMSSoft Eng/Prog II
Johnson, Erik DMSSoft Eng/Prog III
Snyder, Brooks DMSSoft Eng/Prog II
Ruchti, Carol DMSAssoc Scientist II
Choi, Daniel DMSSoft Eng/Prog I
Frame, Jennifer DMSData Management Student Assistant II
Brooks, Tori EOLADMINAdmin Assistant III
Sherman, Rochell EOLADMINAdmin Assistant III
Russ, Melanie EOLADMINAdministrator II
Metz, Sara EOLADMINAdministrator IV
Wharton, Jan EOLADMINAdmin Assistant III
Wick, Daniel EOLADMINAdministrator II
Swanson, Chloe EOLADMINAdmin Assistant III
Davis, Halle EOLADMINAdmin Assistant III
Jackson, Kelly EOLADMINAdministrator I
Baeuerle, Brigitte EOLAODEPTAsst Dir for Ops
Serafin, Robert EOLAODEPTNCAR Dir Emeritus
Rockwell, Alison EOLAODEPTProj Mgr II
Steinbach, Adolph FLTOPSFlight Eng/Mechanic
LeMay, Bo FLTOPSChief Pilot & Op Hd
Thornton, Matt FLTOPSFlight Eng/Mechanic
Ward, Kim FLTOPSAircraft Mech
Green, Andrew FLTOPSAircraft Mech
Boris, Joseph FLTOPSAircraft Mech
Markowski, Brent FLTOPSCasual - Pilot
Martin, Melissa FLTOPSCasual - Pilot
Spingos, Markos FLTOPSCasual - Pilot
Harper, Paul FLTOPSChief Aircr Maint
Jude, Stephen FLTOPSPilot
LoRusso, Joseph FLTOPSCasual - Pilot
Glass, Jeremy FLTOPSIntern
Molinari, Carlos FLTOPSCasual - Technician
Holden, Kyle INSTTECHTechnician IV
Kosciuch, Edward INSTTECHTechnician III
Allbee, David INSTTECHTechnician III
Zrubek, Kurt INSTTECHEngineer IV
Cowan, John INSTTECHTechnician IV
Eads, Penny INSTTECHCasual - Eng Tech
Carnes, Joshua INSTTECHEngineer III
Freeman, Richard INSTTECHTechnician III
Gunlock, Aaron INSTTECHTechnician II
Vu, Ivana INSTTECHTechnician III
McMahon, Kevin INSTTECHIntern
Amankwaa, Christopher INSTTECHIntern
LaForce, Taylor INSTTECHIntern
Hock, Terry ISFMGMTEOL Facility Mgr
Roden, Chris ISFSEngineer IV
Wiese, Anthony ISFSTechnician III
Granger, Gary ISFSESoft Eng/Prog IV
Brownrigg, Rick ISFSESoft Eng/Prog III
Suhr, Isabel ISFSESoft Eng/Prog II
Martin, Charlie ISFSECCasual - SW Eng/Prog III/IV
Witte, Jacquelyn ISFSECMgr Tech Facility
Maclean, Gordon RAFDEPTCasual - SW Eng/Prog III/IV
Stith, Jeffrey RAFDEPTSr Sci Emeritus
Fahrenbruch, Gregg RAFDEPTAviation Operations Manager
Webster, Christopher RAFSESoft Eng/Prog IV
Aquino, Janine RAFSESoft Eng/Prog IV
Dewerd, Catherine RAFSESoft Eng/Prog I
Runkel, Sara RAFSEAssoc Data Scientist II
Lee, Wen-Chau RSFSr Scient Sect Head
Dixon, Michael RSFEOL Facility Mgr
Hubbert, John RSFProj Scientist IV
Emmett, Jonathan RSFTechnician IV
Loew, Eric RSFEngineer IV
Weckwerth, Tammy RSFSenior Scientist
Vivekanandan, Jothiram RSFSenior Scientist
Spuler, Scott RSFResearch Eng III
Burghart, Chris RSFSoft Eng/Prog IV
Hayman, Matthew RSFProj Scientist III
Kay, Junkyung RSFProj Scientist I
Sobtzak, John RSFEngineer IV
Romatschke, Ulrike RSFProj Scientist II
Stillwell, Robert RSFSoft Eng/Prog III
Javornik, Brenda RSFSoft Eng/Prog IV
Monaghan, Austin RSFTechnician II
Karboski, Adam RSFSoft Eng/Prog III
del Moral Mendez, Anna RSFProj Scientist I
Huang, Gwo-Jong RSFVisitor - Casual
Eret, Turing RSFSoft Eng/Prog III
Crane, Benjamin RSFTechnician III
Klotz, Brad RSFProj Scientist I
Rowland, Dexter RSFTechnician II
Faria, Genevieve RSFTechnician III
Gelatt, Kai RSFTechnician II
Beaton, Stuart SCIandINSTEngineer III
Cooper, William SCIandINSTSr Sci Emeritus
Haggerty, Julie SCIandINSTProj Scientist III
Stephens, Britt SCIandINSTSenior Scientist
Reeves, Mike SCIandINSTAssoc Scientist IV
Woods, Sarah SCIandINSTAssoc Scientist III
Veres, Patrick SCIandINSTResearch Scientist
Voemel, Holger SNDSenior Scientist
Arendt, Clayton SNDTechnician IV
Hoch, Sebastian SNDResearch Scientist - Micrometeorology
Goodstein, Mack SNDEngineer II
Ortigoza, David SNDEngineer III
Hicks, Justin SNDTechnician II
Sears, Mya SNDAssociate Scientist I

Quick Facts

NCAR is managed by the nonprofit University Corporation for Atmospheric Research on behalf of NSF and the UCAR university community.

  • NCAR is not a federal agency and its employees are not part of the federal personnel system.
  • Our activities complement those of the federal agencies and we work closely with them.

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