Global organic emissions from vegetation

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Wiedinmyer, C., A. B. Guenther, P. Harley, N. Hewitt, C. Geron, P. Artaxo, R. Steinbrecher, and R. M. Rasmussen, 2004: Global organic emissions from vegetation. Emissions of Atmospheric Trace Compounds (Advances in Global Change Research), C. Granier, P. Artaxo, and C. Reeves, Eds., Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, 115-170.
Resource Type:chapter
Title:Global organic emissions from vegetation
Peer Review:Non-refereed
Copyright Information:Copyright 2004 Kluwer Academic Publishers and copyright holders as specified on appropriate pages within.
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  • Christine Wiedinmyer - NCAR/UCAR
  • Alex Guenther - NCAR/UCAR
  • Peter Harley - NCAR/UCAR
  • Nicholas Hewitt - NCAR/UCAR
  • Chris Geron - NCAR/UCAR
  • Paulo Artaxo - NCAR/UCAR
  • Ranier Steinbrecher - NCAR/UCAR
  • Roy Rasmussen - NCAR/UCAR
  • Editor(s):
  • C. Granier
  • Paulo Artaxo
  • Claire Reeves
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